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Nocs Zoom Tube: Compact, Waterproof Monocular Ready for Your Next Adventure

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Noc’s Zoom Tube Monocular: ultra compact, multi-coated optics bring nature closer. Rugged, water resistant housing for any journey. 8×32. Built for effortless holding and easy packing. Top optics in a go-anywhere package. Adventure awaits.

Ultralight, high-quality Zoom Tube that fits in the palm of your hand

Embark on any adventure with Noc’s Zoom Tube Monocular, the ultimate optical tool for your journey. Its fully multi coated optics offer a wide field of view, bringing you closer to nature at every step. The rugged and water-resistant housing ensures that the elements won’t stand in your way.

Photo: Nocs Provisions

The ultimate lightweight exploration tool, the Zoom Tube is small enough to pack for any excursion yet with optics that pack a serious punch. Rugged and water-resistant, the Zoom Tube is built to get out deep into the field and help explore your surroundings.

The Zoom Tube is 8×32 (8x magnification /  32mm lens aperture), the equivalent of a 400mm zoom lens. Featuring Swiss-designed Bak4 prisms, each piece of glass on the Zoom Tube is coated multiple times to reduce chromatic aberration and provide more brightness. With a wide field of view (384ft @ 1000 yds /  7.3º) the Zoom Tube allows you to see an extremely wide range while maintaining a close focus of 2M (7ft) for viewing nature’s smaller details. The oversize eyepiece lens is excellent for spotting moving objects like birds or your friend catching a wave.

NOCS PROVISIONS Zoom Tube Monocular 8X32 - Juniper II (Green)
Price: $75
NOCS PROVISIONS Zoom Tube Monocular 8X32 - Indigo II (Blue)
Price: $75
NOCS PROVISIONS Zoom Tube Monocular 8X32 - International (Orange)
Price: $75
NOCS PROVISIONS Zoom Tube Monocular 8X32 - Cardinal (Red)
Price: $75


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About Nocs Provisions

Nocs Provisions offers top-of-the-line, portable, and waterproof optical devices designed for adventure. Their mission is to cater to the next generation of humans who seek to disconnect from technology and immerse themselves in nature. These binoculars are built to withstand travel and make it easy to explore and study our surroundings. By combining a sense of wonder and curiosity, they hope to promote understanding and empathy for our planet. Nocs encourages us to be fully present in the moment and recognize the interconnectedness of all living beings on Earth. It’s time for us to reconnect with nature as our source of truth. Find out more at:

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