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Epic Rim to Rim Grand Canyon Backpacking Tours

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Explore the stunning Grand Canyon with guided hikes and backpacking trips. Witness iconic cliffs, waterfalls, and trails that showcase the earth’s rich history. A truly unforgettable journey awaits you.


The Grand Canyon astounds millions of visitors every year, with its rocks that are over 1.8 billion years old and a spectacular array of psychedelic colors. If you feel up to the challenge, join the 1% who venture below the rim and explore this natural wonder on a 5-7 day backpacking tour. You’ll face extreme altitude shifts, varying weather conditions, and testing terrain, but your reward will be profound solitude, otherworldly scenery, and some of the best hikes in the park. Come along with experienced guides on an adventure of a lifetime at one of the world’s most unique national parks.

57hours is an adventure guide company that was built on the idea of packing your weekends with exciting outdoor adventures. Why the name 57hours? Well, there are 57 hours between 3 pm on Friday afternoon and midnight on Sunday. To them, making the most of your weekend means packing your car with gear, heading off to the mountains for the weekend, and returning late Sunday night, exhausted but completely recharged and ready for the upcoming work week.

In this webinar, Sunny Stroeer explores the amazing Rim to Rim backpacking tour across the Grand Canyon. Uncover the secrets of the canyon as you take a virtual journey with him. Discover what it’s like for yourself.

Gain incredible insights into this majestic natural phenomenon. From essential tips to interesting facts, this Adventure Talk is the ideal way to start exploring the Grand Canyon’s remarkable beauty. Experienced hikers and new adventurers alike can benefit from the knowledge shared in this talk.

Ready to embrace the extraordinary? Experience the Grand Canyon at its finest with expert guides and an incredible group of like-minded adventurers. Book your Rim to Rim guided tour with Sunny Stroeer and 57hours today!

57hours All-Women Rim-to-Rim Backpacking Adventure in the Grand Canyon
Embark on a 5-day Rim to Rim backpacking tour with a group of likeminded women looking for a new challenge in the great outdoors and discover the remoteness of trails meandering through the deep canyon.
Price: $1,620
57hours Rim-to-Rim Backpacking Adventure in the Grand Canyon
Escape the crowds and experience 250-million years of geological history on the 24-mile Rim-to-Rim hike in the Grand Canyon.
Price: $1,760
57hours Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim Backpacking Adventure in the Grand Canyon
Escape crowds, explore hidden Grand Canyon on challenging 7-day hike with certified guides. Visit iconic trails, uncover secret spots and find tranquility.
Price: $2,170
57hours Backpacking Grand Canyon’s Deer Creek & Thunder River Trail
The 6-day Deer Creek and Thunder River loop is a challenging 29-mile hike with steep switchbacks, scrambling, and changing weather, but the rewards are worth it.
Price: $1,700
57hours All-Women Grand Canyon Hiking Challenge
Join brave women to explore the canyon, camp in nature and rest by the river. 4 days of hiking the Tonto Trail: see deep gorge and stunning views.
Price: $1,549
57hours Hiking and Backpacking Grand Canyon’s Hermit Trail
Embark on a 4-5 day guided hike through the iconic trails of the Grand Canyon, from Bright Angel Trail to Monument Creek. Experience stunning landscapes and remote isolation in this high-traffic park.
Price: $1,750
57hours Hiking Day Tours in the Grand Canyon
Hike one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and follow the ancient and spectacular trails that wind through the park delivering plentiful rewards — the Colorado River, Phantom Ranch, Bright Angel Trail, and the North and South Rim are all worth the effort.
Price: $250


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