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Conquer the Mountains with TREW’s Mountain Ops Collection

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Conquer the mountains with TREW’s Mountain Ops Collection. Designed for ski patrol, guides, and mountain workers, these durable pieces provide ultimate protection against extreme elements. Take on any challenge with confidence in tough materials and feature-packed designs.

TREW’s Mountain Ops Collection is their first line of high-quality outerwear made specifically for professionals who work in the mountains, such as ski patrol members, heli/cat guides, and those involved in mountain operations. These pieces are created with tough materials and feature-packed designs, perfect for enduring long, challenging days in the mountains where protection from the elements is crucial.

Working together with the experienced patrollers at Mt Hood Ski Bowl and Mt Shasta, the design team at TREW set out on a mission to create our most waterproof and durable outerwear yet.

In order to set a new standard for waterproof and durable skiwear, TREW created a 4-layer laminate using their tough and weather-resistant PNW Classic outer fabric. They enhanced the membrane of their 3-layer design by adding an extra layer of polyurethane coating on top. The end result is a 4-layer composite consisting of face fabric, PU coating, PU film, and tricot backing.

The fabric created is not only highly waterproof, but also incredibly durable. Their hydrostatic head test results prove that this new 4L fabric is nearly twice as waterproof as our previous 3L construction, with measurements reaching over 35k mm for waterproofing. Additionally, the membrane coating adds another level of safeguard against dirt, oils, and saturation that can weaken a laminate over time.

The uniform for mountain professionals that work long days in the harshest conditions, the Mountains Ops collection sets a new benchmark for waterproof and durable construction in ski wear. Photo: TREW Gear

Uniforms and Bulk Orders

The Mountain Ops Collection is available to the general public on TREW’s website AND with ski patrol embellishments to certified patrollers via TREW’s sales team.

TREW Mountain Ops Jacket
TREW's Mountains Ops Jacket sets a new benchmark for waterproof and durable ski wear. 4L OPS fabric in high-wear zones, 3L PNW under arms/sleeves. Optimized for patrols with pack-friendly pockets, an accessory pocket, and adaptable hood. Perfect for adventure seekers in harsh conditions.
Price: $599
TREW Men's Mountain Ops Bibs
Conquer the harshest terrain with TREW's Mountains Ops Bib. Waterproof and durable with a 4-layer seat, waist-to-thigh, and knee construction. Plus, breathable PNW 3-layer fabric on the bib front, back, and leg bottoms. Includes transceiver pocket, accessory pockets, and double knee with optional knee-pad insert.
Price: $599
TREW Women's Mountain Ops Bibs
Ready for the toughest conditions, TREW's Mountains Ops Bib is the ultimate uniform for female professionals. With durable 4-layer construction on key areas and breathable 3-layer fabric in others, it includes a transceiver pocket, accessory pockets, and optional knee-pads for optimal adventure readiness.
Price: $599


Skyblue Featured Video: TREW Bliss

Nestled in the SE corner of Portland Oregon is the TREW Headquarters. A small place focused solely on building the best winter apparel, apparel that will take you far and wide all the while keeping you warm and dry. As the saying goes, “it isn’t about the destination, it is what you wear on the journey”… and if you are wearing TREW, it’s guaranteed to be a good time.

Whether you’re into summiting, slashing, t-bars, urban jibbing, long and winding skin tracks, rope tows, hot laps in the park, spicy couloirs, railing gates, popping pillows or just plain tobogganing, we can guarantee its more funner in TREW. And yes, funner is a word.

So don’t take yourself too seriously, and go enjoy yourself in that winter fluff. Or that spring stuff. Whatever gets you off.

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