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Western Rise vs Lululemon: Who makes the best everyday pants?

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Background: I’ve worn many different pants in my life, and most of my experiences have been lackluster. It’s crazy that in 2022, most pants are still stiff, poorly made, and not versatile enough to wear from one activity to the next.

So I decided to start testing out every pair I could find. After that, I narrowed it down to two.

ABC Pants – $128 available in 14 colors

Evolution Pants – $128 available in 6 colors

The Evolution Pant from Western Rise is the ultimate everyday pant. It is super lightweight, ultra breathable, stretchy, and moisture wicking.


Both pants are comfortable. Judging the comfort level is tricky because if you tried both of them on in a dressing room, you might say they are equal.

However, once I started incorporating both pants into my daily routine to test them out, I discovered that Evolution provides more comfort with more movement. That is probably thanks to the 6” Gusset  and the weight of the pants.

Performance / Features

I’m a sucker for features. The Evolution pant outperforms the ABC pant when you compare them side-by-side. The phone pocket, security zipper pocket, and water and stain resistant features set this breathable pant apart.

The Evolution Pant can be worn multiple days in a row without washing, packs smaller than a t-shirt, moves with the body, and replaces at least three pants in your closet.

Look / Fit

The Evo Pants really outshine the ABC pants in terms of style and fit. One of the biggest issues I have with the ABC Pants is the stitching they have that runs through the back of the knee cap.

It looks out of place and honestly just ruins the whole vibe of the pants. They also have a sheen on them that I personally do not find appealing.

In comes the Evolution pants that honestly fit great around my butt and thighs and just look amazing.

The stitching and construction are high-quality, but the best part is that there isn’t anything to give it away that you are wearing performance clothing.

You can wear these to work or a night out and never feel underdressed.

The Takeaway

I’m taking home the Evolution pants over the ABC every time. I ordered three more pairs since I’ve started writing this article and even grabbed myself a Versa Hat from Western Rise to try it out.

The comfort, look, and fit of the Evolution cannot be beat.

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