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The 10 Essentials for Outdoor Adventures: Must-Have Gear for Safety and Success

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The Ten Essentials are crucial items for outdoor adventures, ensuring safety and preparedness. They include navigation, sun protection, insulation, illumination, first aid, fire, repair tools, nutrition, hydration, and emergency shelter.


Let’s consider a potential emergency situation, which is not uncommon in real life. You have just reached the end of a lengthy and moderately challenging ridge climb on a remote mountain. As the last rays of sunlight fade away, you finally reach the summit.

Hiker on top of the mountain at dusk.

The climb took much longer than you anticipated, but thankfully, you brought your trusty headlamp with you. Upon taking it out of your pack, you notice that the power indicator is showing a low battery. This realization causes a feeling of panic to rise up inside of you. One thought crosses your mind:

“Uh oh.”

Are you fully prepared to descend alone in the darkness, or in a worst-case scenario, wait out the night at such a high altitude? The key to survival could be simpler than you realize.

When venturing into the great outdoors, whether for a day hike, a weekend camping trip, or an extended backcountry expedition, being prepared is paramount. The 10 Essentials are a collection of items that every outdoor enthusiast should carry to ensure safety, comfort, and the ability to handle emergencies. Developed by The Mountaineers in the 1930s and updated over the years, these essentials can make the difference between a minor inconvenience and a life-threatening situation. Here’s a detailed look at each of these vital items.

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The Ten Essentials For Hikers and Backpackers

The Mountaineers, an alpine club based in Seattle, WA, first established the answer to this question back in 1935 with their “Ten Essentials” list. Over time, this list has expanded into ten essential systems for managing any short-term issues that may arise while out in the backcountry.

Whether you’re embarking on a trek along the Pacific Crest Trail or simply taking a day hike in the hills, ensuring that you have the Ten Essentials covered will equip you to handle any potential emergencies, accidents, or survival situations.

The Ten Essentials list has a simple goal: preparing for emergencies and ensuring the ability to safely spend a night or more outdoors. It aims to answer two questions: can you prevent unexpected crises, and can you effectively handle them if they do arise

Silhouette of a hiker walking down the mountain at dusk.

Some items are crucial for every hiker to have in their pack. These items may not be necessary for every trip, but they are essential in case of an emergency. The amount of equipment a person should carry is up for debate, but most members of The Mountaineers agree on carrying carefully selected items to ensure survival in unexpected situations. It is important to tailor the Ten Essentials checklist according to the nature of the trip, considering factors like weather conditions, remoteness from help, and complexity.

The first seven essentials are typically small and can be grouped together for easier packing. Don’t forget to bring digital and physical maps, extra food and water, and appropriate clothing. This concise list is meant to serve as a mental checklist before embarking on a trip.

  • Navigation: Tools for navigation may include a map, altimeter, compass, GPS device, and either a PLB, satellite communicator, or satellite phone along with extra batteries or a battery pack.
  • Headlamp: plus extra batteries
  • Sun protection: sunglasses, sun-protective clothes, and sunscreen
  • First aid: including foot care and insect repellent (if required)
  • Knife: plus repair kit
  • Fire: matches, lighter and tinder, or stove as appropriate
  • Shelter: carried at all times (can be a lightweight emergency bivy)
  • Extra food: beyond minimum expectation
  • Extra water: beyond minimum expectation, or the means to purify
  • Extra clothes: sufficient to survive an emergency overnight

Items within brackets [ ] can be shared by a group.

Now, let’s dive into each of these essential systems and break them down.

The Ten Essentials were more widely popularized in Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills. This manual, published by The Mountaineers, is considered the seminal text on modern mountaineering. The third edition of Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills, published in 1974, established a highly regarded system for safety and packing. All nine editions of this beloved text were written by volunteers, incorporating the expert knowledge of numerous outdoor skills instructors.

Going back to our initial scenario, if you’re on top of a mountain in the dark, you need to get down. If the trail is unclear, you need to make sure you’re not above sheer cliffs or headed down the wrong drainage. Some tools you might choose to handle this are:

Map and Compass

When it comes to navigation, you can always rely on the tried and true method of map and compass. Unlike gadgets that require external technology like satellites, these tools will never run out of power. However, they may not be as useful in low light conditions, and it’s important to have a good understanding of how to use them effectively.

Learning the skill of orienteering is incredibly valuable.

Mastering the art of orienteering is an invaluable skill. To learn about those classic navigational essentials, read How to Use a Compass and How to Use a Topo Map. For those who prefer structured guidance, REI offers expert training on navigating through the wilderness. Find a navigation class near you.

SUUNTO A-10 Compass
Fast, simple and accurate, this baseplate compass is easy to learn and ideal for map and compass navigation in ordinary conditions.
Price: $24
SUUNTO MC-2 Pro Compass
The Suunto MC-2 Pro compass is an ideal tool for outdoor enthusiasts. With a mirrored sighting, adjustable declination, and clinometer, it's perfect for hikers, climbers, and search-and-rescue personnel who need precise bearings based on landmarks.
Price: $70
BRUNTON Axis Pocket Transit Compass
The Brunton Axis Pocket Transit Compass is perfect for geologists, allowing for easy measurements of planes, lines, bearings, and vertical angles. Its dual-axis, hollow hinge eliminates the need for multiple read-outs or different tools. Only one configuration is needed for various measurements such as strike and dip, trend and plunge, and bearing and vertical angle.
Price: $799.95


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Handheld GPS Devices

The widespread availability of GPS has made this a more viable option than it was even ten years ago. Readily available apps can often get the job done, but an actual GPS unit is more robust and reliable than a smartphone. Know how it works before you go. Knowing where you are on the map doesn’t ensure you’re going the right way. If you download BaseMaps, ensure you have access to all the areas you plan to explore before you go.

Don’t buy a GPS receiver with the idea of ditching your map and compass. Finding your way out of the wilds isn’t something you can trust solely to battery-operated electronics.

GARMIN Montana 700i GPS Touchscreen Navigator
Whatever route you take, the Montana 700i GPS Touchscreen Navigator keeps you on track and in touch with on- and off-road navigation, 2-way messaging and SOS functionality at your fingertips.
Price: $700
GARMIN GPSMAP® 67i GPS with inReach® Satellite Technology
In the backcountry, we rely on our Garmin GPSMAP 67i. This handheld device has satellite communication, maps, and emergency contact in one. With preloaded topo maps and downloadable satellite imagery, it's perfect for any adventure. It also features Garmin inReach technology for two-way messaging and SOS alerts, and has a battery life of up to 425 hours in expedition mode.
Price: $600
GARMIN eTrex® Solar Solar Powered GPS Navigator
Adventure longer with this simple-to-use GPS handheld that has unlimited battery life — when used in sunny 75,000 lux conditions — plus wireless connectivity and multi-band GPS support, so you can enjoy exploring more.
Price: $250


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PLB (Personal Locator Beacon)

A great last resort in case of search-and-rescue-level emergencies, locator beacons allow you to send your current GPS coordinates to local government and private entities. This option doesn’t help you get out on your own power, but if you’re in serious trouble, it lets you reach out for help. Some models even allow the transmission of messages between units.

Garmin InReach Mini 2
GPS navigation and satellite communication in a rugged, tiny-yet-mighty package
Price: $400
ZOLEO Satellite Communicator
The small, rugged and award-winning ZOLEO satellite communicator connects with your smartphone or tablet to offer seamless global 2-way messaging wherever your adventures may take you.
Price: $200
ACR Electronics Bivy Stick
Meet the ACR Electronics Bivy Stick, a compact and efficient way to communicate from the backcountry. Not only does it offer 2-way messaging, but also it features SOS, location sharing and more.
Price: $300


PLBs and Satellite Messengers!

An altimeter is a more specialized tool for technical excursions that is always helpful. Together with a map and compass, an altimeter more accurately pins down where you are.

GARMIN fenix 7 Sapphire Solar Multisport GPS Watch
The Garmin fenix 7 Sapphire Solar watch uses solar energy to extend battery life and is designed for athletic and outdoor challenges. With updated frequency and network support, it offers accurate positioning via GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo. Built-in sensors include a compass, gyroscope, and altimeter.
Price: $900.00
Casio G-Shock Carbon Mudmaster GWG2000 Watch
The G-SHOCK MUDMASTER GWG2000-1A3 is built tough to conquer any terrain. Its shock-resistant design can withstand mud and sand, and its smaller profile offers a comfortable fit. Stay informed with triple sensor measurements for direction, altitude, barometric pressure, and temperature. A practical, durable, and powerful MUDMASTER watch.
Price: $800
Casio Pro-Trek PRW6600Y-2 Watch
The Casio Pro Trek PRW6600Y-2 has Triple Sensor technology, Multiband 6 Atomic timekeeping, and Tough Solar charging. It's one of the most coveted timepieces in the Pro Trek line, featuring the SMART ACCESS system for quick and easy access to all functions using an electronic crown.
Price: $380


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You don’t need to be a technical caver to know how vital lighting is. In our scenario, light is the primary obstacle to proceeding safely. Whether you choose a battery-powered model or something you can charge via USB, ensure you have backup power on hand. Consider carrying a secondary light source in addition to your primary headlamp.

BLACK DIAMOND Distance 1500 Headlamp
The Distance 1500 headlamp is built for overnight exploration on technical terrain. It has PowerTap™ Technology, reaching 1500 lumens for long-range use or trail spotting. Its multi-faceted lens gives reliable, shadow-free light and interchangeable batteries. The Comfort Cradle™ fits snugly and comfortably to the head with no bouncing.
Price: $200
BLACK DIAMOND Storm 500-R Rechargeable Headlamp
For the ultimate headlamp that's waterproof, durable, and feature-rich, choose the Storm 500-R. Powered by a micro-USB charged BD 2400 Li-ion battery, it also boasts a sustainable elastic headband made with Repreve recycled textiles.
Price: $74.95
The MH10 headlamp is lightweight and bright, with a 600-lumen output. It also has a rear red light for visibility and comes with color filters for different situations. The battery pack can be moved or detached for convenience. Plus, it's rechargeable via micro USB for all your outdoor needs.
Price: $89.95


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Sun Protection

This system is primarily meant to prevent the long-term effects of sun exposure. Skin cancer and cataracts are no joke. But not using sunglasses or sunscreen can lead to snow blindness and extreme sunburn, which both have their own concerns and heighten the likelihood of other accidents. In our scenario, a sunburn could be distracting from more important matters and may prevent you from sleeping if you have to wait the night out on the mountain.


Sunglasses are a must at all times, but not all are appropriate for every outing. During snow travel, goggles or even glacier glasses might be necessary. The main distinction is the protection of the peripherals and blocking more UV light. Glacier glasses offer the best UV protection for prolonged snow or ice travel.

OMBRAZ Teton Armless Polarized Sunglasses
Polarized sunglasses tougher than Rambo and ready for anything. Unique design allows the frames to remain comfortably in place with the help of a built-in, adjustable cord.
Price: $160
ROKA Rory 2.0 Polarized Sunglasses
ROKA's Rory frames are surprisingly lightweight, yet loaded with high-performance technology. These frames effortlessly combine a stylish look with advanced features. With their award-winning design, these frames utilize ultra-light materials and hidden features for a superior fit and feel compared to any other frame you've tried on.
Price: $220
SUNSKI Couloir Polarized Alpine Sunglasses
A bold, rectangular style inspired by architecture and the automotive industry. The Couloir is a standout in the Alpine Collection for its crisp and precise frames and removable magnetic side shields.
Price: $89


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Depending on your skin, sunscreen is likely a must. The higher you venture, the less ozone you have to protect you, and sunburn can happen rapidly. SPF 30 is recommended. Make sure your brand protects against both harmful kinds of UV – UVA and UVB. And remember to get your ears!

Sun Bum Mineral SPF 30 Tinted Sunscreen Face Lotion - 1.7 fl. oz.
Lightweight, silky and zinc-based, the Sun Bum Mineral SPF 30 tinted sunscreen face lotion glides on like butter and provides a chemical-free sunscreen and primer with a matte finish.
Price: $20.50
Raw Elements Face + Body SPF 30 Sunscreen Tin - 3 oz.
The Raw Elements Face + Body SPF 30 sunscreen is now available in a recyclable/reusable tin so you can enjoy the same serious, full-body sunscreen protection without the plastic waste.
Price: $18.95
Thinksport Clear Zinc SPF 50 Sunscreen
Dermatologist recommended sun care for the whole family, Thinksport Clear Zinc SPF 50 sunscreen's nontoxic, highly effective, zinc oxide–enriched formula rubs on clear with little to no whitening.
Price: $15.50


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Clothing for Sun Protection

Clothes can also be an effective solution to sun exposure. Long sleeves, wide-brimmed hats, and bandanas are great items to consider. But still use sunscreen on exposed skin.

REI Co-op Sahara Long-Sleeve T-Shirt - Men's
Quick drying material makes for easy handwashing after long trail days. Plus, the men's REI Co-op Sahara long-sleeve T-shirt wicks sweat, breathes and shades you with solid UPF 30 sun protection.
Price: $34.95
REI Co-op Sahara T-Shirt - Men's
Quick drying material that makes it ideal for handwashing on multiday trips, the men's REI Co-op Sahara T-shirt wicks sweat, breathes and shades you with solid UPF 30 sun protection.
Price: $30
REI Co-op Sahara Solid Long-Sleeve Shirt - Men's
Exploring a new trail close to home, or one that's far, far away, the men's REI Co-op Sahara solid long-sleeve shirt with a UPF Rating of 30 keeps you cool and comfy with wicking, quick-drying fabric and a vented back.
Price: $64.95


Shop sun-protective clothing at REI Co-op!

First Aid

First aid is crucial. But how much to bring depends on the activity, duration, and group size. For a solo outing fishing on a river near your house, you might want to bring a kit sufficient to administer aid for minor injuries, foot care, analgesics, insect repellent, and any prescriptions you might need.

For a multi-day group mountaineering trip, each member may want something similar to this. But one member (with the most training) should bring something more in-depth in the event of serious trauma.

Understand your first aid kit thoroughly. Should an accident happen, you must find what you need as quickly as possible. Educate yourself on how to administer first aid when necessary. In the above scenario, being injured on top of everything else could prevent you from getting off the mountain.

Take REI Co-op’s Wilderness First Aid class to prepare for the unexpected. This 16-hour course, taught by NOLS, is perfect for those who work in the wilderness or enjoy outdoor activities. Certification is earned upon completion of the course, which includes both classroom and outdoor instruction regardless of weather.

MY MEDIC Sidekick First Aid Pouch
Every hero needs a Sidekick. My Medic's new kit, the Sidekick, has over 70 first aid items in a durable and lightweight MOLLE panel. Use it as a stand-alone or customize it to fit your needs. An easy-to-find metal clip ensures quick access in an emergency.
Price: $75
REDI The Roadie First Aid Kit
Introducing the Roadie, your essential on-the-go companion. With 113 items, it's a perfect combination of everyday, first aid, and scenario-specific necessities. From carpooling to long commutes to road trips, the Roadie has you covered.
Price: $135
MY MEDIC Hiker Medic Med Pack
A versatile and convenient all-in-one First Aid solution for injuries while hiking. Whether you want to use it as a standalone kit or add it to your existing first aid supplies or emergency bag, this compact and portable module is a must-have! Approved for use with HSA/FSA funds.
Price: $35


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Your knife is the handiest multi-purpose tool in your inventory. For everything from repairing your gear, administering first aid, cooking, starting a fire, or making a temporary shelter in an emergency, your knife should always be on you. A survivalist going on a primitive skills trip would have a large, full-tang knife on their hip. But for most outings, a multitool with pliers, screwdriver, can opener, scissors, and a short blade is more useful. Usually lumped in with a knife is a gear repair kit, including a paracord, needle and thread, duct tape, safety pins, and zip ties. In our opening scenario, breaking a grommet on the ultralight tarp you’ve made a shelter from could leave you exposed to the elements.

CRKT Overland Stainless Steel Pocket Knife
Inspired by classic off-road vehicles, the Overland™ outdoor folding knife is designed for adventure. Whether you're in the middle of nowhere or at a picnic bench, it's perfect for slicing campfire-cooked steak.
Price: $60
GERBER Assert Steel Pocket Knife
At just under two ounces, Gerber's Assert Pocket Knife is both lightweight and durable. With a 3-inch S30V steel blade, it offers a balance of ruggedness and precision. Easy one-hand opening with thumb hole and smooth pivot lock. Deep carry pocket clip or lanyard option. Textured grip for complete control in every cut.
Price: $175
GERBER Ultimate Survival Knife
The Gerber Ultimate Survival Knife packs multiple tools into one design, including a half serrated blade, rubber grip, hammer pommel, and emergency whistle. This durable knife also acts as a fire starter and sharpener, making it perfect for surviving in the outdoors. It's designed for efficiency and addressing your needs while braving the wild.
Price: $62


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If you’re stranded and facing the cold, the ability to start a fire can be the difference between life and death. You should be handy with your preferred method, be it a lighter, matches, a lens, or flint and steel. Understand the drawbacks of each. For example, lenses are dependent on sunlight, and lighters won’t work when wet. Also consider carrying some tinder, such as steel wool, lint, and candles. Stoves can often be more practical for producing warmth and boiling water and are always recommended for overnighters. In the case that you are forced to wait out a night near the summit of Mount Superior in dropping temperatures, you may have to start a fire. Remember: if the object is to survive, be sure not to burn the forest down.

UCO Titan Stormproof Match Kit
When your outdoor adventure demands ingenuity as a survival skill, pack the UCO Titan Stormproof match kit. Beefy, long-burning windproof and waterproof Titan matches incinerate the competition.
Price: $11.95
UCO Stormproof Sweetfire Fire Starter Points
Start a fire without matches, in any weather. This set of UCO Stormproof Sweetfire strikable fire starter points is made from sugarcane byproduct, with each point burning for 6 min.
Price: $5.95
Bee's Wrap ReKindle Fire Starters
Made from upcycled Bee's Wrap scraps, the Bee's Wrap ReKindle fire starters make it easy to get your fire going without any plastic or propane.
Price: $10


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Keep a shelter or something you can fashion a shelter from on your person. In our example scenario, if you’re unable to get off the mountain, your next option is to wait until morning. Doing this safely and comfortably depends on your shelter. In high-risk scenarios, a personal bivouac is ideal. But even in low-risk settings, an ultralight tarp, tent footprint, space blanket, or even a trash bag can be enough to make it through an emergency.

SOL Emergency Blanket XL
Don't get left out in the cold. The SOL Emergency Blanket XL reflects up to 90% of your body's heat back to you and is sized to shelter 1 to 2 adults.
Price: $7.95
Trekmates Mountain Pod Emergency Shelter
When the weather whips up and you and your group want to hunker down, pitch the water-resistant, packable Trekmates Mountain Pod. This highly visible emergency storm shelter fits up to 8 adults.
Price: $120
SOL Emergency Bivvy with Rescue Whistle and Tinder Cord
Be prepared for the unexpected with the SOL Emergency Bivvy. It weighs a mere 3.5 oz., packs down smaller than a 12 oz. soda can and comes with a rescue whistle and tinder cord.
Price: $18.95


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Extra Food

A good rule of thumb is to bring enough food with you to survive 24 hours longer than you plan on spending in the wilderness. Ready-to-eat items like summer sausage, jerky, dried nuts and fruit, energy bars, granola, and even candy are great for quick energy. If you plan to overnight, you probably want several extra meals, even coffee and tea. When you’re deprived of nutrients, your judgment can be impaired, which puts you in even bigger trouble.

GOOD TO GO Thai Curry Meal
Spicy Yellow Coconut Thai Curry with Vegetables and Jasmine Rice - the meal that won the Backpacker Magazine Editors' Choice Award in 2014 and remains a favorite among Good To-Go fans.
Price: $8.60
GOOD TO GO Chicken Pho Meal
Dehydrated Vietnamese-style Chicken Noodle Soup is a popular street food known for its comforting broth. Flavors of cinnamon, star anise, ginger, and clove add authenticity. Braised chicken, cabbage, scallion, and cilantro provide sustenance for any adventure.
Price: $8.60
GOOD TO GO Mexican Quinoa Bowl
The popular Mexican dish, Mole Poblano, is made with traditional ingredients like raw cacao powder, ancho chiles, cinnamon, coriander, and cumin. Good To Go's version includes butternut squash and black beans.
Price: $8.60


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Extra Water

Water is the most vital ingredient to sustaining human life. It goes without saying that you should always have some for now and plenty for later – in any scenario. If water will be readily available on your outing, it can be smart to bring a filter, purifier, tablets, or a stove along to carry less weight in water. The Institute of Medicine recommends at least 101 ounces per day for men and 74 ounces for women. Ensure you have enough, and then some.

LARQ 23-Oz Bottle Swig Top
Introducing the LARQ Bottle Swig Top for easy hydration on the go! With a wide-mouth design, there's plenty of space to add ice. And with double-wall insulation, your water stays cold for 24 hours.
Price: $40
LARQ 17-Oz Insulated Bottle PureVis™
The LARQ Bottle PureVis™ is the world's first self-cleaning water bottle and water purification system. It uses PureVis technology to eliminate up to 99%* of bio-contaminants such as E. coli from your water and bottle.
Price: $99
HIBEAR 32 oz All-Day Adventure Flask
Create all your favorite drinks with our 32 oz. All-Day Adventure Flask, voted "Best Tailgating Gear of 2022" by Outside Magazine. It's a versatile bottle built for camping or in the kitchen.
Price: $95


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Extra Clothes

Always have at least one spare layer in your pack. If not for you, then for someone else in your group who may need it. If you have to shelter in place at 11,000 feet until morning, your main objective is staying warm and dry. If you already have a shell to wear, pack extra layers for warmth.

If it’s midsummer in the desert and lows are in the 70s, bring something waterproof. You never know when the weather could turn. A beanie, gloves, and warm socks can make all the difference when overnighting in the high alpine. Always be prepared for the worst conditions that could realistically happen given the time of year and setting of your activity.


HOUDINI M's Desoli Light Tights
Light and soft men's base layer tights in 100% merino wool that will keep you warm and comfy all year around. Perfect for high pulse activities like running, hiking or ski touring when you need warmth but want to avoid overheating.
Price: $110
HOUDINI M's Desoli Light Half Zip
Light and soft 100% merino wool base layer with high collar and half zip that will keep you warm and comfy all year around. Perfect for high pulse activities like running, hiking, climbing or ski touring when you need warmth but want to avoid overheating.
Price: $125
HOUDINI M's Desoli Mid Crew
Soft and warm mid weight base layer crew in 100% merino wool. Designed for alpine skiing, hiking in cold conditions or any wintertime activity where it’s essential to stay warm and dry.
Price: $135
HOUDINI M's Desoli Mid Tights
Soft and warm midweight base layer tights in 100% merino wool. Designed for alpine skiing, hiking in cold conditions or any wintertime activity where it’s essential to stay warm and dry.
Price: $125
HOUDINI M's Desoli Thermal Half Zip
Extra warm, soft and comfy 100% merino wool base layer with high collar and half zip. Use as a first or second layer for activities like skiing, mountaineering or any wintertime adventure where you need extra insulation.
Price: $225
HOUDINI M's Desoli Thermal Crew
Extra warm, soft and comfy men's base layer crew in 100% merino wool with excellent breathability. Use as a first or second layer for activities like skiing, mountaineering or any wintertime adventure where you need extra insulation.
Price: $235

Mid Layers

HOUDINI M's Alto Pants
Let nature keep you warm. Men's Alto Pants are soft, warm and stretchy pants in merino wool and TENCEL™ Lyocell.
Price: $200
HOUDINI M's Alto Houdi
Let nature keep you warm. Men's Alto Houdi is a soft, warm and stretchy hoodie in merino merino wool and TENCEL™ Lyocell. The perfect garment if you are looking for a truly warm mid-layer
Price: $270
HOUDINI M's Mono Air Houdi
Light and durable hooded fleece jacket for men. Features an innovative fabric construction that prevent microfiber shedding and is made with recycled and recyclable fibers.
Price: $230


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The gear items listed may not be needed for every outing. If you’re headed out on a familiar, well-traveled trail for a day hike, an altimeter may not be necessary, but it’s still important to have a map and compass for navigation purposes. It’s crucial to have some form of coverage for each essential system at all times. Unexpected situations can arise, and accidents are always a possibility. The key is to adapt your kit based on the duration of your trip, the time of year, the forecasted weather conditions, and the size of your group. Knowing what to bring and when requires either years of trial and error or simply some foresight when packing.

In the video below, Katie from REI shares an updated Ten Essentials list – a set of ten systems to help prepare individuals for navigating the backcountry.

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