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The MSR Guardian Gravity Purifier Provides Safe Water Anywhere

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Guardian Gravity Purifier

Photo courtesy of MSR

We are so excited to get outside this summer to enjoy the beautiful outdoors in Colorado! There are so many hiking and camping adventures to choose from. Experiencing the outdoors this summer is going to be a great experience. One of the best parts about being out in nature is being completely immersed. Bringing only what you need on your camping trip is essential, which means everything that you do bring must be worth the space it takes up. The Guardian Gravity Purifier made by Mountain Safety Research (MSR) deserves all the space it takes up. 

The Gravity Purifier makes it easy to clean and purify as much water as you need. The Gravity Purifier is a bag with a handle that you fill with your dirty water, straight from a river or lake. You can hang this bag up on a tree branch or on your car, whatever you want. It has a hose that releases the water, running through a filter that purifies your water to make it safe and drinkable. To be sure you have enough water for your needs, all you need is the Guardian Gravity Purifier! 

About Mountain Safety Research

Mountain Safety Research is an outdoor, mountaineering adventure brand. Started in 1969 by Larry Penberghy, an engineer and avid mountaineer, MSR was born from the notion that better, safer, and more reliable equipment is the key to unlocking greater adventures. Unlike many outdoor adventure companies, MSR revolves around their mission to improve the safety of climbing equipment. 

The team at MSR is made up of engineers, tinkerers and passionate outdoor users, each with a unique perspective on how a product should work. This innovative and scientific approach allows MSR to create some of the best products out there. Mountain Safety Research is driven by dedication to designing high-quality products that offer great performance, reliability and safety in the backcountry. 

Safety in the backcountry does not only mean safe equipment. Mountain Safety Research does whatever they can to make sure their impact on the environment is limited. Safety for the environment means recognizing that every decision  made has a positive or negative environmental impact. The biggest way that Mountain Safety Research tries to positively impact the environment is by designing materials that are durable. Their products are built for longevity, and repair when needed. Extensive testing of their products has led MSR to create products that last for a long time, and are repairable if or when they break. 

Taking their positive impact outside of their own company, MSR founded the Outdoor Industry Association Sustainability Working Group, a coalition of more than 300 outdoor brands, suppliers, and manufacturers dedicated to addressing sustainability challenges. This group has made steps towards a more sustainable manufacturing future, such as launching the Higg Index, the industry’s first sustainability measurement tool. This measures practices in material traceability, chemical management, social responsibility and other core competencies. 

Photo courtesy of MSR

The Guardian Gravity Purifier 

The Guardian Gravity Purifier is a state-of-the-art virus protection in an easy, high-volume gravity system. Designed by MSR’s engineers and designers, the Gravity Purifier has you covered with safe water around the world, removing viruses, bacteria, protozoa, sediment and microplastics. This water purifier is one of the best on the market. The simplicity and ease of the Guardian Gravity Purifier makes it easier than ever to clean a significant amount of water at once. The hands-free feature allows you to hang the bag wherever you go, purifying the water as it dispenses for drinking, cooking, or whatever you may need. 

A great feature of this purifier is its fast-flow rate. It can fill up to one litre in 2 minutes, faster than the next leading gravity purifier. It is engineered to withstand travel. It was originally designed for military use, meaning it is easy to fit in carry-on luggage and smaller packs, withstanding even your longest backpacking trips. 

For your backcountry adventures this summer, you should make sure that your gear is up to date and as good as can be! Check out the Guardian Gravity Purifier made by Mountain Safety Research to optimize your adventures and certify your safety!