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Icemule Classic Coolers: Made For Portability and Versatility

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The typical cooler design that most of us are familiar with is rigid, hard-sided, and would be clunky or awkward to carry along during a day-hike. Using this frustration and the lack of cold drinks on many day-hikes as his motivation, Icemule Coolers founder, James Collie, put together a makeshift cooler in his backpack that would be easy to carry for his long-hike. This make-shift cooler quickly became the prototype for Icemule coolers. Icemule coolers had the vision to provide a waterproof, soft-sided, yet durable and high-quality cooler. Not wanting to sacrifice the function of keeping your drinks cold but wanting to give the comfort and ease of taking the cooler on any adventure or trip – was born the Icemule Classic model.

Photo courtesy of Icemule Coolers.

Icemule coolers are unique for three reasons – adventure, portability, and versatility. The Icemule cooler will be the perfect companion for your adventure no matter how extreme. The portability of the soft-sided material and the straps to carry it like a backpack will make you never use a hard-shelled cooler again. Lastly, any model of the Icemule cooler was designed for long-day hikes in the summer to football tailgates in the fall – you’ll be looking for any reason to get your cooler packed and ready for adventure.

Photo courtesy of Icemule Coolers.

The Icemule Classic was the first and original model collection. Now coming in a variety of sizes from the mini size at 9L to the Classic large size at 20L – each of these Classic models come in 7 different vibrant colors. The Classic model will keep your beverages perfectly chilled for over 24 hours. Take it on your favorite summer hike to the alpine lake or to your next beach weekend. The Classic model, even in the smallest size can comfortably fit 6 beverage cans and ice. Don’t worry about having the lug around an awkward cooler, the sling strap or backpack straps allow you to comfortably carry the cooler on your back.

Check out the Icemule Classic at

Photo courtesy of Icemule Coolers.

Other Icemule cooler collections include:

  • The Jaunt – a sleek and smaller design for always active-type
  • The Pro – designed for those serious about adventure and cold drinks
  • The Urbano – Icemule’s largest cooler size, fit for 18-20 drinks and up to 48 hours of ice retention
  • The Traveler – Icemule’s closest model to a hard-sided cooler
  • The Boss – with a name like this, how can you not check it out

Take a look at these Icemule cooler collections here!

Photo courtesy of Icemule Coolers.