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Salomon Releases New Trail Running Gear For Spring/Summer

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Salomon launches new running collection with advanced apparel, Genesis and Pulsar Trail Pro 2 shoes for Spring/Summer ’24. Designed for all levels and distances on the trail.

With the arrival of spring/summer 2024, Salomon is taking a new approach to their running products. For over 20 years, they have been at the forefront of trail running gear and for the past decade, they have also been producing road-specific products.

This season’s lineup includes a seamless blend of design elements from both categories, providing benefits to runners who train on various terrains. Whether you’re a dedicated trail runner who occasionally runs on roads or a road runner who incorporates hilly trails into your routine, Salomon has designed their products with all types of runners in mind, all striving to improve their performance.

“More and more we are learning from each sport discipline and implementing key technologies that are beneficial to runners across both rail and road,” explains Florine Marin, Marketing Manager for Salomon Trail Running. “And this applies across footwear, apparel and even hydration systems.”  

Photo: Salomon

In the spring and summer of 2024, we can see many examples of this design approach being used. Salomon’s Active Chassis and Energy Foam midsole are featured in both the new Genesis trail shoe and the DRX Bliss road shoe, providing dynamic support for the wearer. To ensure a secure fit, various Salomon trail and road shoe models utilize technologies such as SensiFit and Quicklace. Additionally, Salomon’s Contagrip outsole technology is tailored to provide optimal grip on different surfaces depending on the specific purpose of each shoe.

“This large adaptability of our technologies allows us to create products for a growing population of runners who have different specific needs—whether that is additional comfort, more precision, more grip or simply more speed,” Marin adds. “Regardless of what technology benefits a shoe might utilize to meet the runner’s needs, durability is non-negotiable. We expect that your Salomon running products not only perform where you need them to, but they also last.”

Introducing the latest addition to their collection: the Genesis, drawing inspiration from the highly acclaimed S/LAB Genesis. Designed for everyday trail runners, this shoe offers durability, stability, and excellent grip. For those seeking comfort and traction on more casual runs, we have the Ultra Flow. And don’t miss our new 12L Active Skin bag, perfect for your longest trail journeys with its easy-to-use design, practical features, and customizable fit. Get ready to rock the Spring/Summer 2024 season with Salomon’s newest gear!

GENESIS is a mountain running shoe that’s as comfortable and confidence-boosting as it is dynamic, agile and primed for adventure. Photo: Salomon.

In the spring and summer of 2024, Salomon introduces a new line of clothing featuring an innovative fabric called Knit_Flow. This revolutionary material uses cutting-edge technology to provide a barely-there feeling and keep you cool in warm weather. Knit_Flow™ is made from a special “twisted yarn” that harnesses the power of Ionic+Botanical® (a natural antimicrobial fabric) and 37.5® (a state-of-the-art moisture-wicking and temperature regulating technology).

The main goal of Knit_Flow™ is to maximize airflow between your skin and the garment, resulting in a more comfortable experience even when you’re working up a sweat on a hot day. Plus, with its antimicrobial properties, your Salomon apparel will stay fresh longer and feel more breathable than ever before.

Photo: Salomon


The Genesis trail-running shoe combines comfort and confidence in a durable and precise shoe for runners looking for security on the trail. The shoe features both Energy Foam in the midsole for cushioning and an Active Chassis in the heel for support, which creates a unique combination of comfort and stability so you don’t have to worry about stepping on pointy rocks or twisting and ankle while running on rocky trails. The outsole uses the All-Terrain Contagrip® compound, with a unique two-part lug pattern and 4.5mm lugs that create a secure grip, even on varying, technical terrain. The shoe is covered in weaved Matryx to provide the same protection from tears and abrasions that the S/LAB versions boasts.

When mechanically tested against similar shoes from competitors, the Genesis was found to have a more bouncy midsole for greater cushioning, a superior grip, and to be more resistant to tear and abrasion thanks to the combination of these proven technologies on the upper and in the midsole and outsole. The end-result is a shoe with an ideal balance of durability, protection and comfort. Plus, 34% of the upper is made with recycled materials, amounting to 13% of the total weight of the shoe. Drop: 8mm. 

The GENESIS is designed for hard-wearing durability and meticulous precision in tricky terrain. No rugged climb is too steep, no descent too sketchy. With a dynamic support chassis and reliable grip so you can send it, safely. Photo: Salomon.

Designed for runners looking to increase their speed, the Pulsar Trail Pro 2 is an upgraded version of the sleek and agile Pulsar Trail Pro. The updated upper now features engineered mesh, making it lighter and more breathable. Salomon’s Energy Blade technology is used in the sole of the shoe, providing added propulsion and quicker movement. This composite fiber blade starts at the heel and splits into two to support the forefoot while remaining lightweight and flexible. This results in increased energy return with each stride, allowing you to get the most out of your run.

The blade works alongside the Energy Foam midsole, creating a cushioned and bouncy feeling as you run. Additionally, the reliable Contagrip® MA outsole has been improved for spring/summer 2024 to provide better grip and stability. The optimized lug geometry allows for secure traction even during fast and challenging runs. With a drop of 6mm, this shoe is perfect for those seeking a faster pace on their runs.

Are you in search of a shoe suitable for beginner runners that offers both comfort and durability on rough trails? Look no further than the Ultra Flow, which combines the plush feel of a road running shoe with the technical features of a trail running shoe. Slip into these shoes and you’ll immediately feel the softness of the upper material and traditional laces. With a 32mm heel stack and an Energy Foam midsole, the Ultra Flow provides superior cushioning on all types of terrain – whether it’s your neighborhood streets or rugged mountain paths.

The All-Terrain Contagrip® outsole ensures grip and stability on any surface, while SensiFit technology secures your foot for a confident stride. What’s more, 37% of the upper is made from recycled materials, making up 15% of the total weight of the shoe. With a drop of only 6mm, these shoes are perfect for taking you from your front door to your favorite outdoor trails with ease.


Designed for trail runners looking to elevate their performance, the Active Skin hydration vest from Salomon now comes in a larger 12L version. Based on feedback from extensive testing, the vest is not only user-friendly and adjustable, but also offers a stable fit. It includes two front pockets that can hold 500ml flasks (included), making hydration easily accessible.

Plus, it provides ample storage space with additional front pockets for snacks and valuable items, and a large back pocket for all your gear during longer trail races. The 12L vest is compatible with a 1.5L reservoir as well. The overall fit has been improved with stretchy SensiFit fabric along the sides and lower arm area to prevent chafing and discomfort around the neck and underarms. The QuickLink system on the front allows for easy adjustments to create a snug and comfortable fit, even during extended trail runs.

For those who do not prefer hydration vests, or for those who want a simpler and smaller option, the High Pulse belt is an excellent alternative for distances up to a full marathon. This belt from Salomon offers maximum stability with its wide design. It also provides ample storage space, including two expandable pockets for essentials like your phone, keys, gels, and even a 500ml soft flask. Elastic straps are also included for carrying poles. The belt comes in various sizes to ensure a comfortable and secure fit while running.

Designed for shorter excursions, the Active Bottle belt has been updated to provide a lighter and more stable experience during any physical activity. It offers a convenient angled storage pocket for the included bottle, making it effortless to retrieve and replace, while the spacious main pocket is perfect for holding essentials like keys, phone, or energy snacks. The adjustable fit allows for a snug hold to minimize movement while running, or a looser fit for activities with less bounce, such as hiking.

The Active Handheld is perfect for quick, hot runs. Its locking mechanism allows for easy refills without the risk of spilling. Plus, the adjustable strap ensures that you can focus on your running without worrying about holding onto the bottle. As you drink from it, the bottle shrinks to reduce any unnecessary bouncing. This product is especially great for those who only want to carry just enough water with them during their run.


 The new Sense Aero tee for men and women is a lightweight and breathable tee that combines functionality and style, so you can feel good on your run…and look good if you decide to grab a coffee when you’re done. The soft Knit_Flow fabric developed by Salomon weighs just 100g/m2 and reduces the risk of chafing thanks to minimal seams on the neck and chest. The shirt also 37.5® mineral based fabric technology to ventilate your body and keep it at the optimum temperature by controlling moisture and wicking it away before it gets heavy on your shirt. It also reduces odor thanks to Ionic+® Botanical antimicrobial fabric technology, which uses a bio-based solution made with citric acid to ward off bacteria responsible for bad odors. Reflective details help make you more visible at night. 

  The new Sense Aero singlet for men and women is a lightweight and breathable sleeveless solution for those who want to push their pace and feel good while doing so. The soft Knit_Flow fabric weighing just 100g/m2 and reduces the risk of chafing thanks to minimal seams on the neck and chest. The shirt also features 37.5® mineral-based fabric technology to ventilate your body and keep it at the optimum temperature by controlling moisture and wicking it away before it gets heavy on your shirt. It also reduces odor thanks to Ionic+® Botanical antimicrobial fabric technology, which uses a bio-based solution made with citric acid to ward off bacteria responsible for bad odors. Reflective details help make you more visible at night.

 For women who prefer high intensity runs, the Sense Aero short tank is the perfect piece of apparel. It combines lightweight fabric with anti-moisture and anti-odor technologies for a soft, lightweight feel. Weighing just 100g/m2, the shorts are made of Salomon’s new Knit_Flow fabric, which minimizes the risk of chafing. The shorts also feature 37.5® mineral-based fabric technology to ventilate your body and keep it at the optimum temperature by controlling moisture and wicking it away before it gets heavy on your shirt. It also reduces odor thanks to Ionic+® Botanical antimicrobial fabric technology, which uses a bio-based solution made with citric acid to ward off bacteria responsible for bad odors. Reflective details help make you more visible at night.

The Sense Aero Wind vest (for men and women) is the perfect piece of apparel for pushing the pace on the trails, even in windy or rainy conditions. Its minimal, sleeveless design makes it super lightweight and easily packable in a belt or bag. The vent system on the shoulders and laser-cut holes in the back combine to ensure maximal breathability so that air circulates and you sweat less. The vest also uses PFC-free windproof, ripstop and water-repellent fabric to keep the wind and rain from putting a damper on your day. Reflective details help make you more visible at night and the zippered pocket in the front provides storage space for food or keys, so it’s easy to bring extra fuel on longer runs.

The Sense Aero Short tights are the perfect tight shorts for men (7 inches inseam) and women (5 inches inseam). They use a light yet supportive woven fabric that moves with you, not against you. The fabric’s advanced wicking properties remove moisture fast, so you stay cool and dry. The tights also include an integrated side pocket for small belongings and an elastic waist for a secure fit. Reflective details on the front and back help keep you visible. 

The minimalist Sense Aero 3” shorts for women offer a short inseam and a lightweight, 4-way stretch Aerotech fabric that combines with a flat elastic waist and ultra-soft inner. The result is a feeling of comfort as you run, regardless of where and how far. The shorts also include a mesh storage space on the front for gels or keys.

The Sense Aero 2 in 1 shorts for men are made from a lightweight 4-way stretch Aerotech fabric. They also have a flat elastic waist to keep you comfortable throughout your run. The inner fabric is light and stretchy to minimize chafing, while soft silicon tape on the inner hems also helps keep the shorts in place. The 360° mesh storage space on the front is a handy place to securely store gels or keys.

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