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Railroad Lantern by Barebones Living

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Light up your campsite or backyard picnic and give the ambiance of a cowboy glow with the Railroad Lantern This lantern by Barebones Living. Giving a nod to the antique Union-Pacific lantern, the Railroad lantern has copper accents and weathered glass to create unique lighting fixture. This lantern has been modernized with an adjustable brightness LED Edison-style bulb, operates on a battery or USB for charging and can provide light for over 100 hours on low and 3.5 hours on the high setting. Set the mood with the Railroad Lantern from the Cowboy collection and get yours now!

Replacement Battery and Replacement Glass Globe available

Photo by Barebones.

Buy it with a Zippered Lantern Storage Bag

Originally designed to conveniently store the Railroad or Forest Lantern, Barebones’ Zippered Lantern Storage bag’s compact size and utility design make it an excellent all-purpose camp gear companion.


  • Metal construction with replaceable seeded glass globe
  • Adjustable brightness LED Edison-style bulb
  • Carry handle with unique copper, matte black, or white zinc finish cage details
  • 3.2 Watt warm Edison-style LED filament
  • Color Temperature: 3000k
  • Lumens: Low: 35 High: 200
  • Input: 5V USB
  • Battery: Li-ion Battery 2-18650 | 4400mAh 3.7V 16.28Wh (Barebones specific)
  • Run Time: Low: 100+ Hrs | High: 3.5 Hrs
  • Built-in charging system (USB-C cable Included)

My Take

This railroad lantern is awesome. It looks realistic and has all the features of a real lantern. I have it set up as a lamp beside my bed and it’s perfect. The best part is, it’ll still be functional even if there’s a power outage. Having it close by can be an advantage in such circumstances.

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Skyblue Featured Video: How To Charge The Railroad Lantern



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