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Osmo Single Serve – Everyday Hydration

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Osmo Active Hydration makes it easy to stay hydrated throughout the day. Available in three flavors in convenient single-serve packets, it’s easy to keep Osmo in your backpack, purse or pocket when on the go. 

Osmo Active Hydration contains a precise ratio of sucrose, glucose, and electrolytes to help replace the water you lose throughout the day. Easy to mix into any water bottle, Osmo is easy on the stomach and fights fatigue, helping you keep feeling good.

How Osmo Keeps You Feeling Great

  • Fights fatigue – Osmo Active boosts blood circulation and plasma levels. This helps your body function more efficiently, increasing energy levels and delaying fatigue.
  • Easy on the stomach – Using hydration with the right osmolality is so important that we’re named for it. The osmolality of Osmo Active is optimized for quick absorption and hydration, so it won’t sit in your stomach and cause bloating or distress.
  • Faster recovery – After a long day, your body needs to recover. Osmo Recovery is made to help tired muscles recover and rebuild faster to keep you feeling great.

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