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MYSTERY RANCH Debuts Spring 2024 Pack Lineup

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MYSTERY RANCH introduces new Radix Series, updated Scree and Gallagator packs for Spring 2024. Based in Bozeman, Montana, they combine load-bearing excellence and comfort. 

The highly anticipated release of MYSTERY RANCH’s Spring 2024 pack lineup is finally here. Bozeman, Montana’s renowned pack innovator has a strong reputation for exceptional load-bearing capabilities and unmatched comfort. I’m excited to see MYSTERY RANCH introduce their new Radix Series, a revolutionary addition to the world of lightweight backpacking, as well as updated versions of the beloved Scree and Gallagator pack series.

The Radix Series and redesigned Scree and Gallagator packs are redefining the backpacking experience, according to MYSTERY RANCH’s Director of Product, Dana Gleason III. These innovative packs offer a balance of minimalism, durability, and comfort, with customizable load options and sustainable design features. MYSTERY RANCH’s dedication to enhancing the outdoor experience is exemplified in these new packs, empowering adventurers to go further with confidence.

Radix Series:

The Radix Series is available in 57, 47, and 31 liters to cater to the needs of modern adventurers seeking a perfect balance of minimalism, durability, and comfort. MYSTERY RANCH understands the importance of every gram when it comes to lightweight backpacking and has designed these packs with that in mind. This series is a testament to the brand’s dedication to meeting the evolving demands of outdoor enthusiasts, particularly those who prioritize durability, repairability, and comfortable carrying options while minimizing weight.

Key Features:

  • Technical Excellence: The Radix Series backpack is expertly designed with Technical Ultra-PE Birdseye and recycled 100D Robic Ripstop materials to ensure its durability on the trail, from start to summit and back again.
  • Customizable Load Options: The Radix Series offers unparalleled versatility. It allows users to remove the aluminum frame system for an ultralight option, ideal for those seeking to reduce their load. On the other hand, keeping the frame intact offers a more structured and supportive load carriage, making it suitable for specialized mountain missions.
  • Removable and Repairable Features: Sustainability is a top priority for MYSTERY RANCH. The Radix Series features a removable and repairable compression web and trim, ensuring the pack stays strong against everyday wear and tear. This guarantees its longevity while also minimizing their environmental impact.
  • Aerospace-Grade Frame Support: The aerospace aluminum frame, made of the durable 7000 series, is a clear example of MYSTERY RANCH’s dedication to high-quality products. It offers the perfect amount of support for carrying heavy loads during various mountain expeditions.


Gallagator Series

The 2024 Gallagator series boasts significant upgrades from its previous version. Drawing inspiration from the trails of Bozeman city, these backpacks come in vibrant new colors and are made from lightweight recycled materials. The addition of pocketed shoulder pads allows for better organization while on the go, and the series is now available in four different sizes. With its modern design elements, improved organizational features, and a wider range of sizes, the 2024 Gallagator is the perfect choice for urban trails and everyday use.

Scree Series

Boasting significant upgrades from its predecessor, the latest version of the Scree series solidifies its position as the premier pack in MYSTERY RANCH’s Trail line. These technical packs, available in 33 and 22-liter sizes, are designed for extreme adventures and offer features such as adjustable compression, a daisy chain with tool attachment points, and an adjustable yoke and removable waist belt. The custom laminate fabric used is both durable and lightweight, while the 3-ZIP access system simplifies reaching items inside the pack. Other notable features include a zippered lid pocket, compatibility with hydration reservoirs, and options for both men’s and women’s harnesses for a comfortable fit. For added customization, the 2024 Scree also includes a removable aluminum frame. Overall, these advanced features and improved materials make it the perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts taking on challenging terrains.

Whether you are an experienced thru-hiker, a backpacking minimalist, or simply planning a weekend outing, the latest Radix, Scree, and Gallagator packs from MYSTERY RANCH are ready to be your trusted companions. Each series embodies the brand’s commitment to catering to the various requirements of the outdoor community while prioritizing longevity, repairability, and unparalleled comfort.

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Founded in 2000, MYSTERY RANCH is committed to making the best load-bearing gear in the world. A product-driven company from the beginning, MYSTERY RANCH designs packs for the job that needs to get done, for the people committed to doing it, with the best materials available and the most durable construction methods that exist. For more, please visit: #BuiltfortheMission