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MoonBike Offers the World’s First 100% Electric Snowbike

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MoonBike offers the world’s first 100% electric snowbike: fun, silent, immersive and no noise, smell or operational footprint. It’s also easy to ride, transport and store.

The World’s First 100% Electric Snowbike!

MoonBike’s 100% electric snowbike offers pure enjoyment on snow. This innovative technology will usher in a new era of winter fun, making it possible to ride on snow with pure joy and boundless energy. All you hear is your breath, steady and controlled and full of anticipation. The only thing you smell is your scarf and the hot rubber of your boots. You are immersed in the moment and alive with exhilaration.

This has to be the best way to enjoy a snow day. Quietly carving into the snow with nothing but the sound of your own breath all around you!


Temperature: -13°F | -25°C (cold resistance with heated battery box)

Top Speed: 26 MPH | 42 KMH

Grade capable: 40%

Ridable powder snow depth: 12 INCH | 30 CM

Max range with single or optional dual battery: 1.5H / 3H

Immediate torque: 125 LB.FT

Weight with 1 standard battery: 191.5 LBS | 87 KG

Nominal Power: 3 KW

Get Your Snowbike Now!

The buzzing, droning sounds of snowmobiles are like a slap in the face to anyone trying to enjoy the tranquil winter wonderland. I understand the damage burning fossil fuels is doing to the environment, but it’s a bit much to blame the Ski-doo for all of it when so many cars are out there making it worse.

Plus, snowmobiles are just plain enjoyable. It’s a classic equation that is still around – and probably will be for another century – activity plus engine equals an even better activity. Even if the syntax is awkward, it’s one of the few equations we actually enjoy.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could get our motor-driven rush without disrupting the tranquil blanket of snow or anyone on the slopes? Absolutely!

This is the story of the Moonbike, an all-electric, tracked snowmobile. Or, as most people call it: a snowbike. Its design features a single ski out the front, making it perfect for carving through the snow as if it were an alpine motocross course.

The Moonbike is not a rough-and-tumble snowmobile, but it still packs enough punch for some fun in the snow. Its five horsepower and top speed of 25mph make it perfect for recreational purposes. It seems this approach has worked out nicely.

The Moonbike can handle -25ºC temperatures, and the dual-battery version gives you about 30 miles on sport mode and more than 40 miles on eco mode. With its impressive insulation and thermal management, the entire bike is only 70kg without the battery, and a still lightweight 80kg with it. The creator, Nicolas Muron, is an aeronautical engineer – so making something complex like a Moonbike isn’t so much of a stretch. After all, airplanes aren’t exactly the simplest pieces of machinery either.


Skyblue Featured Video: MoonBikes x Super Frenchie | Mt. Bachelor – Bend Oregon

MoonBikes are the first ever ultralight, electric snowbikes. Born in the French Alps, they provide an entirely new way to experience the outdoors. They’re easy to ride, easy to transport, easy to store, and—most importantly—they’ll leave you grinning ear to ear.


About Moonbikes

MoonBikes started in the small village of Saint-Nicolas-de-Véroce in the French Alps. Nicolas Muron, the founder and CEO of MoonBikes, noticed that during the summer, there were many options for getting around such as cars, bikes, skateboards, e-bikes, motorcycles, pogo sticks, or roller skates. However, in the winter, these choices were extremely limited and highly detrimental to the environment since they were primarily cars and snowmobiles. Fueled by his admiration for the mountains and curiosity towards technology, he identified a need for something new.