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Kodiak’s Waterproof Hiking Boots Are Made For Exploring

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Kodiak Boots 

The Kodiak Skogan waterproof hiking boots are equipped with waterproof leather, sealed seams with a rubber outsole that is great on all kinds of varied terrains.

Kodiak has been an industry leader in making boots since 1910. Started in Canada by Charles Greb originally as Berlin shoe Manufacturing Company more than 100 years ago, Kodiak has long maintained their reputation as a talented company that is driven by hard work, great planning, and determination to overcome any obstacle presented. Like many outdoor apparel companies started in the early 1900’s, Kodiak began as a company that supplied miners, loggers, and farmers with high-quality boots that would take them through their long work days.

By the year 1957, Kodiak became the official combat boot of the Canadian Army. Their boots have continued to prove that they are suitable for even the toughest jobs. Kodiak boots are trusted by the outdoor community and have evolved their designs to fit more professions than logging and mining. Like many companies, success for Kodiak required a pivot. Instead of only supplying working boots for workers in tough industries, they make shoes and boots for everyday wear, hiking, boating and everything in between. The boots made by Kodiak have become more and more diverse and have become a favorite for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. 

In 2008, Kodiak was acquired by the brand Dickies, the largest manufacturer of workerwar in the world. Their success has continued to grow and now they are the official supplier of footwear for the Canadian Olympic Team. This is a huge deal and proves just how much this brand is loved and trusted by Canadians and people all around the world. 

To celebrate 110 years in business, Kodiak has launched their Built for Generations collection, which was inspired by the rich past of the company, but made for today. This collection mixes lifestyle and safety boots while celebrating Kodiak’s long and storied heritage.

Skogan Line 

One thing that Kodiak does better than most brands is designing products that are consistent with both the functionality and appearance of their company. The Skogan Line combines functionality with aesthetic, leaving its wearers comfortable and happy with the appearance of their utility shoe. 

Men’s Kodiak Skogan Mid Waterproof Hiker

Photo courtesy of Kodiak

The Skogan Mid Waterproof Hiker are designed similarly to the Low Waterproof Hiker, but these look more like traditional hiking boots. They come up to about mid ankle, offering a bit more support for your ankles and a little more protection from the elements. Though they are designed to keep you safe and comfortable out in the wilderness, these boots are perfect for walking through the city streets as well. 

They are equipped with the same waterproof leather and sealed seams as the low Hikers and have a similar rubber outsole that is great on all kinds of varied terrains. Again, Kodiak showcases their commitment to sustainability through their material and manufacturing. The Waterproof Hikers come with a 100% recycled plastic lining, 100% recycled plastic mesh upper netting, and 50% recycled laces. You can look good and feel good about your impact when you are wearing Kodiak. 

No matter whether you are looking for a great new hiking boot, or a boot that will take you from the city streets straight to the muddy trails near your house without changing, Kodiak is an excellent brand offering many different options. Check out their other lines and shop around, see if you find anything that suits your needs! Knowing you are getting a great product while supporting a company with such a strong mission is important and will make you feel better about your new favorite pair of boots.

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