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Jackery’s Newest Solar Generator 1500 Pro

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Jackery’s latest ultra-solar charging generator, the 1500 Pro, is now available. Its miniature size belies its incredible energy output and ability to keep the dream alive whether indoors or out, as well as provide a backup power source in an emergency situation.

Jackery New Arrivals

Jackery’s range of lithium-ion based mobile energy stations has been instrumental in setting the industry standard and defining what a solar generator is. These portable power systems have become ubiquitous with off-grid dwellings, nomads living out of a van, RV enthusiasts, and campers across the globe. Jackery remains at the vanguard of the space and has included their top technology in the Solar Generator 1500 Pro.

The Explorer 1500 Pro from Jackery pairs with one or two of the company’s SolarSaga 200 watt solar panels to create a Solar Generator system that can be taken out and about and generate electricity from the sun. The total package allows access to power wherever you may roam.

The driving force of this system is Jackery’s Explorer 1500 Pro. Its updated design includes a foldable handle, which makes it much more compact than the traditional orange and grey models with the large ergonomic handle perched at the top. This design gives the Pro series a sleeker look and allows for easier storage.

Apart from being visually attractive, the Pro pack sets itself apart with various technical features. To start off, the Pro pack is capable of withstanding up to 1,000 cycles while still retaining at least 80% of its original capacity. It is twice as much as the 500 cycles the regular Explorer 1500 can handle. Moreover, it charges three times faster than the traditional version when connected to an AC wall outlet, requiring only 2 hours instead of 6. It can even be linked to solar panels with a maximum output of 1,400 watts, shortening the charging time to just two hours.

The USB-C output of the Jackery Pro is optimized to draw up to 100 W of power, compared to the Explorer 1500’s 60 W limit. It has stronger hardware too, which keeps the machine cool by dissipating heat 30% faster. And it’s built to last five years with Jackery’s warranty, versus two years for the non-Pro model. Of course, all this extra power comes at a cost—the Pro is about 2.3 pounds heavier than its predecessor, at 37.5 pounds. Put another way, it’s essentially a more robust version of the Explorer 1500 in every way.

Photo: Jackery

Jackery’s Pro line of portable power stations is a game-changer, boasting 30% better heat dissipation, a smaller size, a longer lifespan of around 2,000 charge cycles before dropping to 80% capacity, and the ability to remain at an 80% charge for up to 472 days in standby mode.

Jackery is backing its new lineup with a 3+2 year warranty on the Solar Generator 1500 Pro, which makes it one of the best portable power stations available in terms of performance, durability, longevity, and quality. When used in tandem with Jackery’s SolarSaga solar panels, it can be relied upon to provide off-grid power for projects such as working on a truck, providing electricity during a blackout, or keeping an RV humming along during a family vacation.

Jackery Solar Generator 1500 Pro is renowned for its ultra solar charging and rapid recharging capabilities. A mere two hours is all it takes to recharge your generator, thanks to its maximum 1,400W solar power input and six 200W solar panels. This robust, dependable and resilient device has passed the highest UL requirements, crafted with an outer shell of 94V-0 fireproof material and has exceeded security drop standards. Weighing only 37.4lbs, it is 20% lighter than similar products with the same capacity and is equipped with a foldable handle for easy portability. Enjoy power on the road with Jackery Solar Generator 1500 Pro.

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Skyblue Featured Video: Latest Flagship Product – Jackery Solar Generator 1500 Pro

At CES 2023, Jackery launched their brand new top-of-the-line product: the Solar Generator 1500 Pro!

With efficient charging capabilities, it only takes two hours to be fully powered up. It is designed to work well in extreme weather conditions, making it suited for cold temperatures. The EMI design and BMS system provide reliable safety features. Due to its compact size and lightweight, it can save space, and can power up to 95% of outdoor devices which makes it convenient for using on-the-go.

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