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How To Wear Your Ombraz Armless Sunglasss

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Are You Wearing Your Ombraz Sunglasses Correctly? A “How To” Guide to Ombraz Sunglasses

Photo courtesy of Ombraz.

Like trying anything new for the first time, there is a technique to unlocking Ombraz unrivaled comfort and magic.

You don’t need the cord tight. We constantly see first-timers crank Ombraz down onto their face – like goggles – don’t do that! The team at Ombraz recommends you adjust the cord just enough to take out the slack – this allows the frames to really float on your nose, and the cord goes unnoticed. You should be able to pull the frames about half of an inch away from your face before the cord pulls tight.  Play with the fit to find your sweet spot.

Place the frames on your nose and guide the cord above your ears and along the back of your hairline. If you’ve got long hair – start with the Ombraz around your neck, under your hair.

Make sure you use both hands to dial in the cord tension. Pull the sliders apart simultaneously to tighten and just outside each adjuster – simultaneously – to loosen.

When wearing a helmet, start with your Ombraz around your neck, put on and buckle your helmet, THEN put your Ombraz on over the helmet straps. This will allow you to take them on and off without interfering with any straps.

When storing – hang the cord & beads outside your neoprene case.

What sets Ombraz apart from other sunglasses brands is that Ombraz is the first and only armless sunglasses. Instead of traditional sidearms, it uses a 100% Recycled Japanese Nylon cord that wraps around your head. The built-in adjustable cord and no heavy arms allow you to wear the frames comfortably while enjoying your outdoor activity without getting that annoying ache on your ears. With no arms, screws, or expensive hinges, you never have to worry about breaking your sunglasses again.


Over the ears, under the hair and not too tight! Adjust ’til you find your perfect comfort zone.


  • 3-3-3 Options (3 frame styles, 3 frame colors, 3 polarized lenses)
  • * non-polarized and prescription lenses are available
  • Custom-woven, 100% Recycled Japanese Nylon cord
  • Hard-coated Hydrophobic and Oleophobic lenses (water/moisture deterrents)
  • Resilient, flat design
  • Easy, worry-free storage
  • Lifetime warranty

Shop Now! MSRP: $140

About Ombraz

Ombraz solves what frustrates you about sunglasses. Using nylon cord instead of traditional arms, Ombraz fit better and have less parts to break. Carbon-negative, 20 mangrove trees are planted for every pair of Ombraz sold.