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Grand Trunk Hammocks Are Built For Adventure

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Brian Hamilton has been trying out their various products and evaluating their innovations the past several months. Grand Trunk Goods is a company designed to equip all travelers and adventurers with the gear they need to make their trips happen. Based in Salt Lake City, Grand Trunk was built by those who crave adventure. The passion behind the brand has led them to provide travelers with the best tools available. Many adventurers would argue that Grand Trunks’ products are essential to their packing list. 

One of the things that Grand Trunk does better than a lot of their competitors is hammocks. They have been proud to offer hammocks and outdoor gear that keep people comfortable on their adventures! Hammocks have come a very long way since the heavy ropes that hang on a metal stand in your backyard. Now, hammocks are designed with just as much technicality and innovation as high-end tents and other camping gear. Today, rather than being confined to your tent, packable hammocks offer a completely different sleeping option! Grand Trunk sells a few hammocks on their site that are great examples of this new innovation and technicality in hammocks.

Grand Trunk Double TrunkTech Hammock 

Skyblue Overland founder, Brian Hamilton, rests after a challenging day of hiking in the Uncompahgre National Forest near Telluride, Colorado with the TRUNKTECH™ Hammock and the Hammock Stand. A winning combination!

The Double TrunkTech Hammock is a portable and compact hammock that you can bring with you anywhere. It is built to give you the comfort of unparalleled softness, strength, and breathability that all travelers will appreciate. Grand Trunk utilizes their specially designed Ripstop Nylon fabric that is woven with strength to hold you comfortably throughout your adventures! 

The TrunkTech hammock is stronger and lighter than any other 11’ hammock and is weather-proof for any adventure conditions. Included with the TrunkTech hammock are two lightweight aluminum carabiners that make it easy to attach the hammock out in the wild. You also will get a stuff sack that makes it easy to compact and pack the hammock in a small space. Not included with the TrunkTech hammock are tree straps or rope, which will be needed to hang the hammock. The TrunkTech hammock comes in 20 different fun colors so you can find just what you are looking for! 

ROVR™ Hanging Chair 

Brian tests the ROVR Hanging Chair while hiking the Flatirons Vista Trail near Boulder, Colorado.

The ROVR Hanging Chair is designed as a go everywhere-hang anywhere chair, perfectly capable of being brought anywhere. ROVR is a hanging chair that mimics the feel and functionality of other lightweight, made for camping hammocks. The hanging chair is lightweight and packable, extremely easy to set up in just a few minutes. The ease and comfort of the ROVR Hanging Chair makes it perfect to use in your backyard or while camping in the backcountry. 

The ROVR Hanging Chair came in handy for Brian as he enjoyed the view of the famous Flatirons, just south of Boulder Colorado, from the Flatiron Vista Trail.

Included with the ROVR Hanging Chair are two carabiners and two 10’ suspension straps, which will be necessary to hang the chair for functional use. Also included is a stuff sack that makes it easy to pack and compact the ROVR Hanging Chair in as small of a space as possible. The ROVR Hanging Chair comes in three different colors. So you can find one that matches your taste perfectly. A great feature that Grand Trunk offers with the purchase of the ROVR Hanging Chair is a 100% Guaranteed Lifetime Warranty. This means that no matter when or how your ROVR Chair breaks, they will repair or replace it. 

Air Bivy All Weather Shelter & Hammock 

Brian enjoyed a bug-free camp in the Air Bivy All Weather Shelter & Hammock while backpacking in the Never Summer Mountains in a remote portion of Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

The Air Bivy All Weather Shelter & Hammock is the closest you can get to being in a tent without having an actual tent. This hammock combines some of Grand Trunk’s best technology in both hammock and shelter innovations. This product is meant to be the all around perfect tent replacement. This is a great alternative for a tent because it is much easier to carry, and much less expensive than high-end tents today. 

A side view of Brian’s Air Bivy All Weather Shelter & Hammock set-up.

As long as you have two trees to tie a hammock between, you will have a dry and comfortable sleep setup. The Air Bivy is easy to set up, you just tie up your hammock as you normally would, and then attach the Hexfly Rain Shelter that will keep you dry and protected in any mild conditions. Included with your purchase of the Air Bivy are 6 lightweight aluminum stakes, the Skeeter Beeter Hammock, the Hexfly Rain Shelter, stuff sack to compact your gear, 2 aluminum carabiners, and a chord and chord lock for the rain shelter and mesh protectant. This is a high-tech upgrade to hammocks that will give campers a great alternative to a tent. 

360 Degree ThermaQuilt 3-in-1 Hammock Underquilt, Blanket and Sleeping Bag

Brian finds comfort while enjoying the view of the Indian Peaks Wilderness near Boulder, Colorado

One of the biggest downsides to hammocks as a tent alternative is that it can get really cold in high altitudes or on days closer to winter. The 360 Degree ThermaQuilt 3-in-1 Hammock Underquilt, Blanket and Sleeping Bag is designed to solve that problem! The ThermaQuilt Hammock transforms your traditional hammock experience into a warm and cozy cocoon that keeps you comfortable in cold weather. It completely wraps around any hammock and clinches at the ends to keep in the warmth of your body. 

The ThermaQuilt also works as an underquilt and overquilt, acting as a sleeping bag or a blanket if you decide to move from your hammock to your car or a tent. The ThermaQuilt is  meant to keep you warm down to 40 degrees and is water resistant with DWR coating. 


If you are looking to upgrade your camping experience but are already equipped with a tent and other essentials, you should look into Grand Trunk’s innovative collection of hammocks. They offer a great solution to the need for additional places to sleep, sit, and relax!

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