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Dometic Introduces Front Runner Toyota Sequoia Roof Rack Kits and Accessories

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Introducing Dometic’s new aluminum rack kits for the 2023 Toyota Sequoia. These durable, lightweight racks are customizable with over 55 accessories for an unparalleled off-road experience.

Front Runner Dometic is the ultimate destination for adventure seekers, constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation in rugged overlanding and camping gear. Their latest announcement has sent thrill-seekers into a frenzy – three brand new Toyota Sequoia Roof Rack Kits: The versatile Slimline II, dynamic Slimsport, and adrenaline-fueled Lightbar Ready Slimsport. Get ready to conquer any terrain with these cutting-edge additions to your off-road arsenal.

These cutting-edge rack kits have been specifically designed for the highly sought-after Toyota Sequoia (2023-present). With their increased capacity for carrying gear, they will make it easier for the new owner to plan vehicle-based adventures.

Photo: Front Runner Outfitters

Originally launched in 2000, the Sequoia is currently Toyota’s second largest off-road vehicle available in the US market. With the option to add the Slimline II or Slimsport Roof Rack Kits and specialized accessories designed specifically for the Sequoia, we anticipate this popular off-roader will have an even greater impact, especially when it comes to transporting gear.

The Front Runner Dometic racks are built with durability, functionality, and aesthetics in mind. The well-known Slimline II and the newer and more streamlined Slimsport racks demonstrate Dometic’s dedication to excellence and creativity. Combining these top-of-the-line racks with the new Sequoia will expand the horizons of gear-carrying possibilities for any adventure-loving owner of a Sequoia.

By installing any of the three rack kits, Sequoia owners will have access to over 55 Front Runner Dometic rack accessories. The Slimline II, a top-selling expedition-ready rack, can effortlessly accommodate heavy storage containers, additional water or fuel tanks, or even a rooftop tent. For those looking for a more compact and aerodynamic option, the Slimsport Roof Rack is perfect for transporting bicycles, kayaks, and larger items of luggage.

Photo: Front Runner Outfitters

The Roof Rack Kits are made of durable aluminum and can easily be installed with bolts. Their flexible design allows for a variety of load-carrying options.

Dometic has recently unveiled a number of products specifically designed for the Sequoia: Ditch Mount A-Pillar Light Brackets, Base Deck cargo platform, and a rear-fitting Ladder to make accessing racks easier. These new additions to their line of accessories will allow Sequoia owners to hit the trails with both functionality and flair.

Toyota is known for creating reliable and durable off-road vehicles, but when paired with the strength and endurance of Front Runner Dometic roof racks and accessories, it becomes the ultimate adventure package. With a Front Runner Dometic Roof Rack, Sequoia drivers can fearlessly tackle even the most challenging trails without any concerns about their equipment.

The Toyota Sequoia Slimsport Roof Rack Kit/Lightbar Ready (MSRP $1,260), Toyota Sequoia Slimsport Roof Rack Kit ($1,260), and Toyota Sequoia Slimline II Roof Rack Kit (MSRP $2,008) can now be purchased directly from our online store or at our Experience Center in Agoura Hills, CA. They are also available through authorized Dometic dealers located across the country.

Photo: Front Runner Outfitters


  • The 101.2″/2570mm long, full-size, Slimline II cargo roof rack kit contains the Slimline II Tray, Wind Deflector and 2 Foot Rails to mount the Slimline II Tray to your Toyota Sequoia. Easily installs using the existing factory mounting points. No drilling or modification required.
  • The vehicle specific foot rails have openings for storing compatible gear under the rack, such as Front Runner tables. These Foot Rails contain 1 opening to access Front Runner under rack mount tables (1 smaller Pro Stainless Steel Prep Table Kit or 1 larger Pro Stainless Steel Camp Table Kit). All Front Runner Racks are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty*
  • The low-profile flat deck Slimsport Roof Rack Kit rack has a load-carrying area of 103.8″ (2637mm) L x 54.5″ (1383mm) W. The sleek side rails have integrated mounting feet with additional brace brackets for added strength. The high-strength aluminum slats have T-slots suitable for all Front Runner top mount accessories. Easily add on the Slimsport/Slimpro Van Side Mount Accessory Bracket / Small for most Front Runner side mount accessories (sold separately). The included standard full fairing with rubber edge trim makes the rack ultra-quiet. Need a lightbar? The optional lightbar fairing Toyota Sequoia (2023-Current) Slimsport Rack 40″ Light Bar Wind Fairing (sold separately) has a 40″ cutout to allow use of a 40″ LED Slim Light Bar.

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