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Discover NEMO’s Spring 2024 Camping Gear Collection

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Discover NEMO’s Spring 2024 Collection, perfect for your next thrilling outdoor adventure. Featuring an expanded fully recyclable Endless Promise collection, new bluesign duffel, and major updates to all product categories. Get ready to conquer the great outdoors with NEMO. Available now.

NEMO’s spring 2024 collection is now available through its website and participating retailers. A testament to the brand’s ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability, the collection features an all-new line of bluesign® duffels; an expansion of the fully recyclable Endless Promise® Collection; major updates to the Tensor™ sleeping pad series; a new backpacking tent; and the ultralight Moonlite™ Elite reclining backpacking chair (available in February). 


The bluesign®-certified Double Haul convertible duffel transitions from duffel to backpack to tote with ease, making it a great accessory for any adventure. The PFAS-free Double Haul is made from 100% recycled fabrics and is produced in a resource-conserving way with a solution-dyed liner. Offered in 30L, 55L, 70L, and 100L capacities, this duffel can accommodate any outing, from a trip to the gym to a month-long journey.

Nemo's Double Haul™  30L Convertible Duffel & Tote
Nemo's versatile Double Haul™ 30L Duffel/Tote combo is the ultimate travel companion for any adventurer. With backpack straps for long journeys and tote bag handles for extra capacity, it's ready to tackle all your hauling needs with ease.
Price: $169.95
Nemo's Double Haul™  55L Convertible Duffel & Tote
Nemo's Double Haul™ 55L Convertible Duffel & Tote: the ultimate carry-all for adventurers. It converts from a structured duffel to a backpack for travel, and has hidden tote handles for extra capacity and organization when you're on the go.
Price: $179.95
Nemo's Double Haul™  70L Convertible Duffel & Tote
Experience ultimate versatility with the Nemo's Double Haul™ 70L Duffel & Tote. Pack for any journey and easily switch from duffel to tote with structured openings, foldable design, and hidden backpack straps for convenience on-the-go.
Price: $199.95



Top-selling down sleeping bags are now part of the fully recyclable Endless Promise Collection. The Disco™and Riff™ Spoon™ shape sleeping bags, and the brand-new mummy-style Coda™ all incorporate technical features like next-generation Thermo Gill™ vents for fine-tuned temperature control; waterproof hood and footbox fabrics; and PFAS-free, RDS-certified hydrophobic down fill. In addition to being made from recycled fabrics, each bag is fully recyclable to stay out of the landfill at the end of its life. 

Nemo's Disco™ Men's Endless Promise® Down Sleeping Bag
Nemo's Disco™ Down Sleeping Bag - the ultimate for backpackers. The Classic Spoon™ design offers comfortable side-sleeping and Thermo Gill™ vents provide precise temperature control for an epic night in the great outdoors.
Price: $349.95
Nemo's Riff™ Men's Endless Promise® Down Sleeping Bag
Nemo's Riff™ Down Sleeping Bag: pinnacle performance for adventurers. 3-season 800 FP down bag with a trim, athletic cut for side sleepers. NEMO's iconic Spoon™ shape lets you move easily while the Ultralight silhouette packs small.
Price: $389.95
Nemo's Coda™ Genderless Endless Promise®  Down Mummy Sleeping Bag
NEMO's Coda™ Genderless Promise® Down Mummy Bag: breaking barriers in ultralight sleep gear. Trim silhouette, weight-saving design. True mono-polymer; 100% recycled at end of life. Venture further, with NEMO.
Price: $429.95



The Tensor™ collection is lighter, warmer, stronger—and still unbelievably quiet. Following the Fall 2023 launch of the award-winning Tensor™ Extreme Conditions with an 8.5 R-value, NEMO is releasing two more variations: Tensor™ All-Season with a boosted 5.4 R-value at 14 oz., and Tensor™ Trail with a 2.8 R-value at just 13 oz. The entire Tensor series is equipped with bluesign® approved recycled materials, and increased thickness for enhanced cushioning, and improved Laylow™ valves that perform better in all conditions.

Nemo's Tensor™ Extreme Conditions Ultralight Insulated Sleeping Pad
Nemo's Tensor™ Ultralight Sleeping Pad with Apex™ baffles for ultimate warmth and low weight. 8.5 R-value for extreme conditions. Innovative, quiet, and perfect for backcountry adventurers. Take on the cold with confidence.
Price: $249.95
Nemo's Tensor™ All-Season Ultralight Insulated Sleeping Pad
Experience the ultimate in outdoor comfort with Nemo's Tensor™ All-Season Sleeping Pad. Boasting an impressive 5.4 R-value, low-noise design, and lightweight construction, it's the perfect go-to for year-round adventures.
Price: $199.95
Nemo's Tensor™ Trail Ultralight Insulated Sleeping Pad
Nemo's Tensor™ Trail Pad: ultralight, 2.8 R-value for spring to fall adventures. Spaceframe™ baffle design, low-stretch fabric trusses and Thermal Mirror™ film reflect body heat without the crunch. Perfect for peaceful nights under the stars.
Price: $179.95



Mayfly OSMO™ 2P/3P is a notably durable backpacking shelter using NEMO’s 100% recycled bluesign® approved OSMO rainfly for better water repellency, less stretch when wet, and improved strength. NEMO’s proprietary OSMO fabric doesn’t use added fire retardants or PFAS. With a 68D PU polyester floor, two doors and vestibules, and NEMO’s custom-designed Elements™ aluminum hardware for improved setup, Mayfly is built for durability and ease of set up. 

The updated Aurora™ 2P/3P continues to utilize a massive interior space that’s truly unmatched in its weight class along with fabrics that are now free of added fire retardant chemicals and PFAS, plus a floor made from 100% recycled bluesign® approved fabric.

Updated colorways, new NEMO Elements aluminum hubs for increased strength, and Divvy Cubestuff sack make Aurora a worthy investment for backpacking and car camping. 

Nemo Mayfly OSMO™ 2-Person Backpacking Tent
Conquer the trails with NEMO's Mayfly OSMO™, crafted from top-performing and eco-friendly OSMO fabric. With 4x better water repellency and fire retardancy without added chemicals, this backpacking shelter is ready for any adventure.
Price: $399.95
Nemo Mayfly OSMO™ 3-Person Backpacking Tent
Unleash your inner adventurer with NEMO's Mayfly OSMO, featuring top-performing OSMO™ fabric for a durable 3-person backpacking shelter. Water repellent, fire retardant, and spacious enough for three to sit comfortably side by side on the trail.
Price: $459.95
NEMO’s Aurora™  2-Person Backpacking Tent & Footprint
Experience unmatched interior space and premium features with NEMO's Aurora™ Backpacking Tent. The lightweight design is perfect for car camping and backpacking, while sustainable and innovative materials make it an essential choice. Adventure awaits with Aurora™.
Price: $299.95



The new Moonlite™ Elite reclining backpacking chair offers the same reclining comfort of the award-winning Moonlite chair at a weight that’s perfect for the backcountry, just 1lb., 1 oz. Its patent-pending streamlined suspension system allows for easy reclining or supportive upright seating, and skeletonized aluminum hubs and molded corner mounts provide reliable stability and strength. Available exclusively at REI Co-op February through April. 

About NEMO

NEMO is a New Hampshire-based outdoor gear company known for creating award-winning products that are built to last, comfortable, and fun to use. Named one of Outside Magazine’s and Business New Hampshire’s Best Places to Work, NEMO has also been recognized as a small business leader for the environment by New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility. NEMO’s reputation for design innovation across its product lines—tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, camp accessories, and furniture—is an outgrowth of its design philosophy to never bring anything to market that doesn’t offer a meaningfully better experience. NEMO’s team of designers and engineers are motivated by a passion for outdoor adventure and sustainability.

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