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Cowboy Fire Pit Grill – 23″ in Solid Steel by Barebones Living

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A multifunctional grilling device that includes a fire pit, grill, and cooking station all in one unit

Barebones Living is all about the simple joys of life, like feeling the earth in your hands and seeing the stars twinkling overhead far away from the hustle of the city. And one of the most blissful things to do is to cook a meal over an open flame. The Cowboy Firepit Grill from Barebones is a perfect solution for this. It’s a full, customizable set up that combines a gathering spot and cooking station in one, giving you the best of both worlds.

More compact than Barebones’ Cowboy Fire Pit Grill – 30″, this 23″ version comes with a pole and grill grate for controlled temperature cooking. This fire pit is perfect for a backyard or for taking along on a camping trip. Light a flame and use it for cooking or just for warmth and fun. Enjoy it wherever you go.

Photo by Barebones.


The Barebones 23” Cowboy Fire Pit Grill is a travel-friendly grilling system, ideal for someone looking for versatility. With only a few attachments, this 23″ grill is much more manageable for storage and transport than the 30″ standing cowboy grill. Barebones provides two sizes of grills to suit customers’ preferences. The 30″ is a great option for those who use the grill at home, while the 23″ is the perfect size for beach or camping trips or taking to the park for a BBQ.


Lighter in weight than cast iron and more durable than copper, Barebones Cowboy Fire Pit is constructed from heavy-duty steel. Steel has a naturally high melting point and is resistant to both corrosion and common weather stains. It makes this fire pit stable enough for heavy backyard use while being versatile enough to throw in the car and bring to your favorite outdoor spot. Barebones steel is coated with FDA-approved high-temperature paint to improve the look and feel of the fire pit.


  • Full-size outdoor fire pit, cooking, and entertaining system
  • Modular design allows for multi-use as fire pit and open-fire grilling/cooking station Multiple ways to cook over open-fire and charcoal
  • Multiple configurations with cast iron and steel cooking accessories
  • Easily portable with simple set up
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Skyblue Featured Video: Cowboy Fire Pit Cooking by Barebones

The solid steel Cowboy Fire Grill System is the absolute go-to for outdoor grilling. Modular design allows for infinite creative cooking uses. Adjustable grill grate gives you the choice for source and distance of heat, creating perfect cooking conditions every time. Overhead tool storage and hanger bar are an organizer’s dream, with additional side table and grill grate available for purchase. Fire it up, cook, and feast just about anywhere, and when you’re done, break it down for storage.