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Circular Sportswear Company Houdini Unveils 100% Recyclable Fall 2023 Line

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Houdini has launched their Fall 2023 collection, focusing on practical and timeless designs. The line promotes a minimalist outdoor lifestyle, with versatile and sustainable clothing made from 100% recyclable materials certified by bluesign®.

Houdini Sportswear, the renowned global brand known for its timeless and practical designs, has recently unveiled its new Fall 2023 collection. In keeping with their minimalist outdoor approach, they are encouraging consumers to invest in clothes that serve multiple purposes. The entire line is made from 100% recyclable, renewable, biodegradable materials and has been certified by bluesign®.

Good To Know: Houdini designs their clothes circular from the start. This means that they use either synthetic fibers that are recycled and recyclable, or natural fibers that are inherently biodegradable. They never blend naturals and synthetics, because then they can be neither recycled or decomposed.

The Mono Air Vest is a light, versatile and durable vest for every adventure and all seasons. Photo: Houdini Sportswear

As part of the collection, Houdini is also introducing the Mono Air Vest and Pants, featuring Polartec® Power Air Light technology. These lightweight yet durable pieces can be worn year-round and provide excellent insulation for colder weather.

“This line is getting closer to our overall goals with 100% environmentally friendly materials and 87% is fully circular,” said Niclas Bornling, Houdini’s general manager of North America “We continue to ask, ‘Does this product deserve existence?’ and that philosophy carries over into the Fall 2023 line. “Creating the best quality gear while using the most innovative fabrics, Houdini silhouettes are timeless in design and using nature itself is our blueprint.”

The Heyday Jacket is a serious mountaineering shell jacket designed for a rugged life in the mountains. Photo: Houdini Sportswear

Specifically, the Mono Air Vest is light, durable, and versatile. Polartec Power Air Light combats plastic waste by shedding 80% less microfibers compared to conventional fleece. The vest is wind and water resistant, made from recycled and recyclable fibers. MSRP $160

The new Mono Air Pants is an all-season, durable insulation pants designed with a Hardface© treatment for durability and water repellency. MSRP $160

In addition, the fall 2023 line includes technically designed insulated, lightweight layering and durable comfort pieces, including base layers, jackets, shells, pants, and vests. New colors include Evening Haze, Pink Moon, Crispy Blue, and Mother of Greens.

The Double Dunfri is a warm and lightweight performance insulation shell jacket for any winter adventure. Photo: Houdini Sportswear

Good To Know: Houdini’s Mono Air Houdi, winner of ISPO Award Gold and OR Innovation Award, has now been selected as Best All-Arounder Fleece in the highly respected Outside Magazine 2022 Gear Guide.

Product Specifics:

  • Power Up Jacket: Versatile, relaxed fit fleece jacket, providing comfort and durability for every outdoor adventure made with bluesign® certified material and a great warmth to weight ratio. MSRP $230
  • Heyday Jacket and Pants: A mountaineering shell jacket and pants designed for rugged adventures in the mountains. Using 100% circular fabrics and shaped for optimal freedom of movement, the jacket and pants have stash pockets, zippered harness-compatible pockets and reinforcement for added durability. MSRP $800 (jacket) & $650 (pants)
  • Double Dunfri: A lightweight performance insulation shell jacket, ideal for any winter adventure. Wind and water resistant, and made with smooth, fully circular fabrics. MSRP $480

About Houdini

Houdini, a unique group from Sweden consisting of scientists, artists, designers, and adventurers, is on a mission to redefine the future of practical clothing. Since its establishment in 1993, Houdini has continuously pushed boundaries in the textile industry as a female-led company that prioritizes responsible design and implements circular business models. They firmly believe that humans are meant to move forward, not backward, and with the right direction, we can make great progress.