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Alpaka’s Bravo Sling Pro Bag: Protect Your Valuables When Traveling to Your Next Adventure

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Alpaka is a small company that designs bags and packs suitable for city living. With both functionality and style in mind, their minimalist designed gear is trendy and fashion forward while still being usable and functional for a busy city life.

The Bravo Sling Pro


It's a 6L cutproof sling bag ideal for day trips if you need some extra space.

It’s a 6L cutproof sling bag ideal for day trips if you need some extra space.

Alpaka has released their Bravo Sling Pro, an updated version of the already popular Bravo X Sling. The Bravo Sling Pro is a 6L sling bag meant to be worn either on your back or front, your choice with the sling feature. It is made of cut proof material, meaning it will not snag if you catch it on anything. The bag is a perfect size for an extra bag to carry around on a day trip. It is big enough to hold an 11” iPad Pro and even more. It would be perfect for a run to the store or as an extra bag to hold your valuables on the subway or traveling by plane.

It is not as bulky as a backpack, so it is perfect for when you just need a little more space than you have in your pockets. The Bravo Sling Pro is designed with functionality and style in mind. It is extremely technical. The bag comes with an extremely secure self-locking magnetic buckle that will keep your gear safe as well as anti theft, lockable zippers. Beyond the physical mechanics of this bag, it also has a RFID blocking rear compartment that keeps your gear safe from any virtual threats as well as physical. It has an external charging port, perfect for traveling, as well as a hidden sim card holder and sim tray eject pin.


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The outer material of the Bravo Sling Pro is not only cut proof, but also waterproof and fireproof. The zippers are water proof so you can be sure that your bag and gear will be safe even in some nasty weather. It comes with a Key Tether so you always know where your keys are. The single nylon strap is comfortable and adjustable, meaning it’ll always be comfortable even if you are wearing your thickest winter coat or just a T-shirt.

Best Use for the Bravo Sling Pro 

Alpaka designs their gear to be suitable for urban living but also for nature exploring. The design of their products definitely seems like it is meant for the city with minimalist and sleek designs, but the technicality could make their products great for the outdoors as well. That being said, the bells and whistles that come with the Bravo Sling Pro are best for city activities. Though all of the features are fantastic, they may be a bit too excessive for outdoor use such as a hike. The sleek, fashionable look is very suitable for the city.

Company History 

In their mission to design the best gear that they can, Alpaka puts a strong emphasis on the importance of having a social and environmental conscience. They see us as part of nature and as part of nature, we need to coexist and respect our environment. In an effort to reduce the waste that production has on the environment, they plant one tree for every bag that is purchased and donate 1% of the revenue to environmental causes and nonprofits that are doing great things and making the world a better place.

Their company core values are: Resilience, Empathy, Passion, Sustainability, Honesty, and Customer First. They honor these values by being extremely selective about who they work with around the world in terms of manufacturing and materials. They have a tight relationship with their manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that they produce the highest quality goods possible while not harming the environment or their employees. In addition to their vow to plant one tree per pag sold, they have a comprehensive waste minimisation strategy that includes increasing the use of up-cycled materials, using production methods that decrease waste materials and reduce power usage in production, wherever possible.

Overall, Alpaka is a great company with a really cool culture that strives to make the world a better place while giving customers high quality, durable and really technical bags and packs.

Skyblue Overland Review 

Brian Hamilton, professional geologist and engineer, was given one of Alpaka’s Bravo Sling Pro and is a huge fan. He reported that it is extremely well made and surprisingly spacious. He fit his 11-inch iPad and small camera in the sling bag comfortably. If he still lived in New York City rather than Colorado, he thinks it would be one of his favorite everyday bags. It is a great bag for commuting and traveling around the City. Brian will be carrying the Bravo Sling Pro when traveling to his next adventure!

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Alpaka Bravo Sling Pro

It’s a 6L cutproof sling bag ideal for day trips if you need some extra space. In addition to the cutproof fabric, it comes with a self-locking magnetic buckle to keep your gear safe while on the go.

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