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1620 Workwear Updates Their Double Knee Utility Pants

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1620 Workwear updated their popular Double Knee Utility Pant 2.0 with added storage pockets, an ergonomically reinforced double knee, hammer loops, thicker threads, and a secret opening for knee pads. It’s the best work pant ever made. Hands down.

1620 Workwear’s ambition is to create the absolute best work clothing available, and they’ve done just that. The garments are made in the USA out of robust materials and crafted with ethical practices. Even better, each item comes with a lifetime guarantee. There are plenty of similarities between outdoor apparel and workwear, so this product can also be used when traveling.

1620 Workwear’s Double Knee Utility Pant. Photo by Brian Hamilton

The Double Knee Utility Pant 2.0 from 1620 is made with a unique stretch NYCO (nylon and cotton) fabric, which is supplemented with Cordura fiber technology. This blend of fabrics makes the pant much more resilient to wear, abrasion-resistant, and cost-effective than regular cotton work pants. To make traditional cotton work pants, roughly 1,800 gallons of water are needed, while an average tradesperson can expect to go through several pairs per year. In comparison, 1620’s Utility Pants require significantly less water consumption and provide longer use.

1620 Workwear has improved their signature Double Knee Utility Pant 2.0 with three additional pockets, an enhanced double knee reinforcement that conforms to the body’s shape, two loops for a hammer, 50% stronger threads and a hidden pocket at the bottom of the knee reinforcement for inserting commercial knee pads. This is undoubtedly the best double-kneed work pants ever created.

Photo: 1620 Workwear.

At 1620, they feel strongly that some of the highest quality fabrics come from America and its sewing mastery is unparalleled. Manufacturing in the US allows them to ensure that ecological and labor regulations are being followed and financially supports local businesses. Although, small exceptions do exist where production needs to be sourced abroad, like for the woven labels on their Utility Pants.

The pants felt substantial the instant they came out of the package, and I could instantly see how much time and attention had been put into making them. The fabric was sturdily woven and the seams were expertly sewn, all of it creating a feeling of luxury that you don’t usually get from workwear. Thinking about it, that makes sense because this is clothing you rely on every day.

The Utility Pant provides a tailored fit and double-layer protection in areas prone to wear and tear, such as the knee and upper thigh. This product is designed specifically for tradespeople (not yet for women), and features a hammer loop, knife clip, watch pocket, side phone pocket, 3/4-inch-wide belt loops, split tool/pen pocket, and side-zip security pocket. The gusseted crotch provides additional durability and user flexibility, while the articulated knee, military-spec shank button closure, and PFC free water/stain repellent finish extend the lifespan of the product.

These pants feature a regular fit and design to eliminate bagginess and reduce fatigue while on the job, with much more room than our slim fit. Photo: 1620 Workwear

I tested these pants heavily over several weeks to see if they were really worth all the hype. They seemed to fit me perfectly and give off a smart-casual look while allowing me to move freely. The Cordura NYCO fabric seemed almost indestructible, yet also had an amazing amount of flexibility; after eight weeks of wear, the pants still looked brand new.

During the summer months, the material of these pants can be quite warm, so I suggest trying out their Utility Short for hot weather. They are an excellent all-purpose option; though not designed for long hikes, they still become more comfortable with wear. During cold weather, a pair of these trousers has become my go-to choice for outdoor tasks like yard work, taking the dog for a walk, and general day-to-day life. Not only are they resistant to scraping and tearing, but the pockets are deep enough that any belongings within won’t be at risk of falling out or digging into my body when crouching or bending over.

The feedback for this product online is largely glowing (you can see it by clicking here). However, one comment does mention that the pocket designed to hold a phone is pretty small. I have an iPhone Plus with a protective case and while it fit in the pocket, albeit snugly, without the case it was a perfect fit. Nevertheless, I personally opt to use the front pockets more because they are deeper and located in a more convenient spot. Additionally, the PFC-free water repellent finish works well and liquid will bead on the fabric instead of seeping through it. Even if you do get soaked when out in the rain, these items dry quickly, twice as fast as cotton duck.

Photo: Brian Hamilton

I haven’t come across a pair of pants more resistant to wear-and-tear than this product. Although the $198 price tag could be intimidating at first, I can vouch for its worth—I’m not usually the type to splurge on clothing, and I don’t prioritize brand names. But in the same way I’d spend more to acquire good hiking boots (as someone who works outdoors frequently), I would invest in these Utility Pants without hesitation.

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