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Get Adventure with UBCO’s Special Edition 2×2 Utility E-Motorbike

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Hop on the Special Edition and explore. UBCO has designed it with convenience in mind, offering a comfortable ride that can also withstand all types of terrain. Whether you’re going on an outdoor adventure or just getting around town, it’s ready to go.

UBCO have released a special edition of their acclaimed Utility Bike, a powerful electric bicycle meant for both city and off-road settings. With a top speed of 30 mph and range of up to 75 miles, this bike is fully-equipped for going on any adventure. The 2023 SE model comes with an enhanced braking system, a convenient storage compartment, an expandable tail duffel, a vibration-resistant phone mount, and Giant Loop straps. Its distinctive 2X2 capabilities, modern design, and practical features make it ideal for commuting or trekking across the countryside. This two-wheeled marvel has central tote and rear duffel included for storing items, while its expandable compartments are great for carrying laptops, textbooks, or pizzas. Further, the bike contains Peak Design and Giant Loop Pronghorn Straps perfect for attaching extra gear.

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