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Unleash Your Adventure: Hyperlite Mountain Gear Porter Packs Review

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Highlights of the Porter Pack series by Hyperlite Mountain Gear:

  • Lightweight Durability: Constructed from Dyneema fabric, the Porter Packs offer exceptional strength and minimal weight, perfect for long-lasting use.
  • Customizable Modularity: Features four external vertical daisy chains, roll-top closure, and multiple compression straps for endless gear attachment options.
  • Comfort and Stability: Equipped with a Dyneema Hardline suspension system, foam padding, and removable aluminum stays for maximum comfort and load stability.

When it comes to outdoor adventures, having the right gear can make all the difference. For multi-sport athletes, alpinists, and ultralight backpackers, the Porter Pack series by Hyperlite Mountain Gear offers a versatile, durable, and minimalist solution. Available in four sizes—40L, 55L, 70L, and 85L—the Porter Pack is designed to accommodate a wide range of activities and adventures, from weekend hikes to extended expeditions. This review will delve into the features, performance, and overall value of the Porter Pack series, highlighting why it is a top choice for serious adventurers.

Designed for multi-discipline adventures, the Porter pack is a blank canvas with limitless modularity–or as limitless as your imagination. The Porter 55L Pack is shown. Photo: Hyperlight Mountain Gear

Design and Construction

Material and Durability

One of the standout features of the Porter Pack series is its construction from Dyneema fabric. Known for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, Dyneema is a material often used in climbing gear due to its durability and lightweight properties. This makes the Porter Packs incredibly resilient while keeping the overall weight to a minimum, an essential factor for those aiming to travel light without compromising on durability.

Modularity and Customization

The Porter Pack series is described as a “blank canvas with limitless modularity,” and this claim holds true. Each pack features four external vertical daisy chains, a roll-top with Y-strap closure, and both horizontal and vertical compression straps. These elements allow users to lash gear and accessories to the pack in various configurations, providing the flexibility to customize the pack based on specific needs and activities. Whether you’re securing ice axes, paddles, or additional pouches, the Porter Pack can be adapted to handle a multitude of gear setups.

With a 70L capacity, the Porter has enough space for weeks on rivers. Photo: Hyperlight Mountain Gear

Suspension System

Comfort is a critical factor in any backpack, and Hyperlite Mountain Gear addresses this with its Dyneema Hardline suspension system. The shoulder straps, waist belt, and back panel are lined with foam padding and spacer mesh, ensuring breathability and comfort during long treks. Additionally, the internal framesheet and removable aluminum stays provide stability, allowing the pack to maintain its structure even when heavily loaded.

Capacity and Storage

Volume Options

The Porter Pack series offers four different volume options to cater to various adventure lengths and gear requirements:

  • Porter 40: Ideal for short trips or as a supplemental pack for larger expeditions.
  • Porter 55: A versatile size that balances capacity and portability, suitable for extended weekends or minimalist week-long trips.
  • Porter 70: Designed for longer adventures, providing ample space for gear needed for weeks on the trail or in the backcountry.
  • Porter 85: The largest option, perfect for expeditions where carrying extensive gear and supplies is necessary.

Designed for big expedition adventures, this 85L expedition pack is a blank canvas with limitless modularity. Photo: Hyperlight Mountain Gear

Storage Features

While the Porter Packs maintain a minimalist exterior, they do not skimp on practical storage solutions. The roll-top closure not only helps in compressing the load but also provides protection against the elements. The taped seams enhance the pack’s water resistance, ensuring that gear remains dry in wet weather conditions. Inside the pack, there are zippered pockets to secure valuables and electronics, adding a layer of organization within the main compartment.

Performance in Various Conditions

Ultralight Backpacking

For ultralight backpackers, the Porter Pack series is a dream come true. The lightweight Dyneema fabric, coupled with the minimalist design, means that even the largest Porter 85 remains manageable in terms of weight. The various attachment points and compression straps allow for efficient packing and gear management, which is crucial when every ounce counts. The comfort provided by the suspension system ensures that even long days on the trail do not result in undue strain.


Packrafters will appreciate the water-resistant properties of the Porter Packs. The roll-top closure and taped seams provide a reliable barrier against splashes and rain, keeping gear dry during river adventures. The modularity of the pack allows for easy attachment of paddles and other necessary equipment, making it a practical choice for water-based activities.

Alpine Expeditions

Alpinists and climbers will find the Porter Pack series to be an excellent companion for their high-altitude pursuits. The durable Dyneema fabric can withstand the rough conditions encountered in alpine environments, while the daisy chain attachments and compression straps offer versatile options for securing climbing gear. The internal framesheet and aluminum stays provide the necessary support for carrying heavier loads, ensuring stability on challenging terrain.

Price and Value

The Porter Pack series is priced as follows:

  • Porter 40: $359.00
  • Porter 55: $389.00
  • Porter 70: $425.00
  • Porter 85: $475.00

While these prices place the Porter Packs in the premium category, the investment is justified by the quality and performance they offer. The use of Dyneema fabric alone sets these packs apart in terms of durability and weight savings. Additionally, the customizable nature of the packs means that they can be adapted for a wide range of uses, providing long-term value for multi-sport athletes and adventurers.

Comparison to Competitors

Weight and Durability

Compared to other packs in the same volume range, the Porter Packs are among the lightest available, thanks to the Dyneema construction. This lightweight advantage does not come at the expense of durability, as the fabric is known for its strength and abrasion resistance.


The modular design of the Porter Packs offers a level of customization that many other packs do not. The extensive daisy chains and compression straps provide numerous options for attaching gear, which is particularly beneficial for those engaging in varied activities. This flexibility sets the Porter Pack series apart from more rigidly designed competitors.

Comfort and Stability

The Dyneema Hardline suspension system, along with the internal framesheet and aluminum stays, ensures that the Porter Packs are comfortable and stable under load. This makes them suitable for both short and long trips, as well as for carrying heavy and bulky gear.


The Hyperlite Mountain Gear Porter Pack series is an exceptional choice for those seeking a versatile, durable, and lightweight backpack for multi-discipline adventures. Its minimalist design does not compromise on functionality, offering extensive customization options to meet the needs of ultralight backpackers, packrafters, and alpinists alike. The use of Dyneema fabric ensures that the packs are both lightweight and robust, capable of withstanding the rigors of various outdoor activities. While the price may be higher than some other options on the market, the investment is worthwhile for those who demand high performance and reliability from their gear. Whether embarking on a weekend hike or a multi-week expedition, the Porter Pack series provides the adaptability and durability needed to tackle any adventure.

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