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Uncharted Supply Vault 65 Liter Duffel Bag

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Uncharted Supply’s Vault Duffel Bag is a 65L waterproof duffel for any adventure. It offers 100% waterproof protection and zippers for organized packing.

Image: Uncharted Supply Co.

The Uncharted Supply Co. Vault Duffel Bag has been designed to keep up with your active lifestyle. This 65L duffel bag is waterproof, and can be used on the boat or strapped to the snowmobile tunnel. Not only does it provide you with a 100% waterproof construction and zippers, but two internal pockets and one external pocket ensure that all of your smaller items remain safe, dry, and organized.

This duffel bag is designed with a special air valve making it easy to compress and store bulkier items, such as blankets and jackets. And if you need to transport liquids, the air valve doubles as a water spout. Additionally, ergonomic shoulder straps and a sternum strap make it comfortable to wear and transform the bag into a backpack for longer trips. With multiple attachment points, the bag can be adjusted to fit different body sizes and secured tightly no matter what kind of vehicle you use.

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