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Ultimate Gear Tamer: The Game-Changing Camp Storage Boxes

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Discover the game-changing Camp Storage Boxes by Radius Outfitters, designed for ultimate organization and quiet travel. With customizable compartments and robust construction, they’re perfect for overlanders, photographers, and van lifers. Tame your gear effortlessly!

Camp Storage Boxes: Your Ultimate Solution for Organized Gear on the Road

When it comes to camping and overlanding, having an organized setup can make a world of difference. Enter the Camp Storage Boxes by Radius Outfitters, a revolutionary solution designed to keep your gear quiet, orderly, and easily accessible. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a professional photographer, or a full-time van lifer, these storage boxes will change the way you travel.

Each Gear Box comes with dividers, and extra divider kits are available if needed. Use the movable velcro dividers to configure your gear box based on what you’re storing and organizing. There’s a plastic insert included to help adjust the dividers and set them at those 90-degree angles.

Why Choose Camp Storage Boxes?

The Camp Storage Boxes stand out from the crowd for several reasons:

  1. Customizable Compartments: The moveable velcro dividers allow you to create custom compartments tailored to your specific needs. This feature ensures that everything from kitchenware to electronics has a dedicated space.
  2. Versatility: These boxes are perfect for a variety of uses. Whether you need to store pantry items, recovery gear, first aid supplies, or even wine and tequila, the Camp Storage Boxes have you covered.
  3. Durability: Made from high-quality materials, these boxes are built to withstand the rigors of life on the road. They are sturdy, reliable, and designed to protect your gear.
  4. Quiet Operation: One of the most appreciated features among overlanders and van lifers is the quietness of these boxes. No more rattling or clanging as you drive over rough terrain.
  5. Ease of Use: The boxes are easy to pack, unpack, and reorganize. Their intuitive design makes them a favorite among those who value efficiency and practicality.

Camp Storage Box Models

The Camp Storage Boxes come in three different models, each designed to cater to different storage needs and preferences.

Gear Box 3000

Price: $239

The Gear Box 3000 is the smallest (30 liters) of the three models but don’t let its size fool you. It’s perfect for those who need to keep a few essentials organized. Ideal for kitchenware, pantry items, and electronics, this box is a great addition to any travel setup.

  • Dimensions: Compact yet spacious enough for basic gear.
  • Best For: Short trips, minimalists, and those with limited storage space.
  • Features: Includes velcro dividers for customizable compartments, sturdy construction, and a quiet operation.

Gear Box 3000. Photo: Radius Outfitters

Gear Box 3500

Price: $249

The Gear Box 3500 strikes a balance between size and capacity (35 liters). It’s versatile enough to store a variety of items, making it a popular choice among many travelers. This model is particularly favored by photographers and van lifers who need to keep their gear organized and protected.

  • Dimensions: Medium size, providing ample storage without being cumbersome.
  • Best For: Overlanders, photographers, and full-time van lifers.
  • Features: More space and additional dividers compared to the Gear Box 3000, durable construction, and designed for quiet operation on the road.

Gear Box 3500. Photo: Radius Outfitters

Gear Box 5500

Price: $269

At 55 liters capacity, the Gear Box 5500 is the largest and most comprehensive of the three models. It’s designed for those who need to carry a significant amount of gear. Perfect for extended trips and those who want to ensure they have everything they need, from recovery gear to dog supplies.

  • Dimensions: Large and spacious, offering the maximum storage capacity.
  • Best For: Long-term travelers, families, and those with extensive gear needs.
  • Features: Maximum storage space, the highest number of dividers, robust construction, and extremely quiet during travel.

Gear Box 5500. Photo: Radius Outfitters

Gear Box Extra Divider Set

For those who need even more customization, the Gear Box Extra Divider Set is a great addition. This set allows you to create additional compartments within your storage box, ensuring that every item has its place.

Price: Available as an add-on
Features: Easy to install, provides additional organization options, compatible with all three Gear Box models.

Photo: Radius Outfitters

Practical Uses for Camp Storage Boxes

The versatility of the Camp Storage Boxes makes them an essential part of any travel setup. Here are some practical uses for these boxes:


Keep your camping kitchen organized with designated spaces for pots, pans, utensils, and pantry items. The customizable compartments make it easy to store everything you need for cooking on the road.


Protect your valuable electronics with padded compartments. Perfect for cameras, drones, laptops, and other gadgets that need extra care.

Recovery Gear

Stay prepared for any situation by keeping your recovery gear organized and easily accessible. From tow straps to shackles, the Gear Box ensures everything is in its place.

First Aid Supplies

A well-organized first aid kit is crucial for any adventure. The Camp Storage Boxes allow you to create compartments for bandages, medications, and other medical supplies.

Wine & Tequila

Enjoy a taste of luxury on the road by dedicating a compartment to your favorite beverages. The sturdy construction ensures your bottles stay safe and secure.

Dog Stuff

Traveling with a furry friend? Keep their supplies organized with compartments for food, toys, leashes, and more.


Keep your clothing organized and wrinkle-free with designated compartments. Perfect for long trips where space and organization are key.


The Camp Storage Boxes are more than just storage solutions; they are an essential part of a well-organized and efficient travel setup. Whether you’re an overlander, a photographer, or a van lifer, these boxes will help you keep your gear quiet, organized, and easily accessible. With three different models to choose from and the option to add extra dividers, you can customize your storage to fit your specific needs. Invest in a Camp Storage Box today and experience the difference it makes on your next adventure.

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