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The Ultimate Adventure-Brewing System: VSSL Nest Pour Over Kit + Java G25 Grinder

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The VSSL Nest Pour Over Kit + Java G25 Grinder is a durable, compact, and eco-friendly adventure-brewing system, allowing you to make and enjoy premium pour-over coffee anywhere with its integrated design and precision grinder.

The Ultimate Adventure-Brewing System: VSSL Nest Pour Over Kit + Java G25 Grinder

When it comes to brewing the perfect cup of coffee in the great outdoors, the VSSL Nest Pour Over Kit + Java G25 Grinder ($225) stands out as the pinnacle of portability and precision. This highly integrated adventure-brewing system not only promises the finest pour-over coffee but does so with unmatched ruggedness and refinement, making it an essential companion for coffee lovers on the go.

Craftsmanship and Sustainability

The VSSL Nest Pour Over Kit is constructed using 80% recycled double-walled stainless steel, ensuring durability while minimizing environmental impact. This eco-friendly approach is coupled with a BPA-free, food-grade lid and a nesting storage connector, combining functionality with a commitment to sustainability. The robust materials ensure that your coffee gear withstands the rigors of outdoor adventures, from camping trips to mountain hikes.

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Compact and Convenient Design

One of the standout features of the VSSL Nest Pour Over Kit is its ingenious design. The six-piece kit utilizes a dual-thread system, allowing it to assemble into one compact unit. This clever design means you can easily carry your coffee-making essentials without worrying about taking up too much space in your backpack. When disassembled, the kit offers two 10oz double-walled mugs, a double-walled pour-over coffee dripper, a BPA-free splashproof lid, and a nesting storage connector that neatly houses the included Java G25 Grinder.

The Java G25 Grinder: Precision in Your Hands

The Java G25 Grinder is the heart of this brewing system, ensuring you can grind your beans to perfection no matter where you are. Known for its rugged build and refined grinding mechanism, the Java G25 Grinder delivers consistent and precise coffee grounds, which is crucial for a quality pour-over coffee. Its hand-crank design is both practical and reliable, eliminating the need for batteries or electricity, which makes it perfect for off-grid adventures.

Brewing Excellence Anywhere

With the VSSL Nest Pour Over Kit, brewing coffee outdoors has never been easier or more enjoyable. The double-walled pour-over dripper ensures optimal temperature retention, allowing you to extract the full flavor profile from your coffee beans. The two double-walled mugs not only keep your coffee hot for longer but also provide a comfortable and enjoyable drinking experience, even in cold weather conditions.

Ideal for Adventurers

Whether you’re camping in the wilderness, hiking up a mountain, or simply enjoying a day at the beach, the VSSL Nest Pour Over Kit + Java G25 Grinder is designed to meet the needs of adventurers. Its compact, all-in-one design makes it easy to pack, while its durable construction ensures it can handle the bumps and knocks of outdoor life. The splashproof lid adds an extra layer of protection, keeping your coffee safe from spills and debris.

Sustainability Meets Functionality

In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, the VSSL Nest Pour Over Kit stands out by using recycled materials without compromising on quality or functionality. The 80% recycled double-walled stainless steel construction not only makes it environmentally friendly but also incredibly durable. This combination of sustainability and functionality is a testament to VSSL’s commitment to creating high-quality, eco-conscious products.


The VSSL Nest Pour Over Kit + Java G25 Grinder is more than just a portable coffee maker; it’s a testament to the spirit of adventure and the pursuit of perfection. With its rugged construction, innovative design, and precise grinding capability, it allows you to enjoy the finest pour-over coffee wherever your adventures take you. For those who refuse to compromise on their coffee, even in the most remote locations, this integrated brewing system is an absolute game-changer.

If you’re looking to elevate your outdoor coffee experience, the VSSL Nest Pour Over Kit + Java G25 Grinder is the ultimate choice. Combining sustainability, durability, and unparalleled convenience, it ensures that you can enjoy a perfect cup of coffee, anywhere and everywhere. Whether you’re an avid camper, a seasoned hiker, or simply someone who loves exploring the great outdoors, this sleek and integrated mobile coffee system is designed to enhance your adventures and satisfy your coffee cravings, no matter where you are.

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