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The Prince of Wales Hotel: A Timeless Gem in Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park

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The Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton Lakes National Park offers stunning views, historic charm, and modern comforts. Built in 1926-27, this iconic hotel provides elegant accommodations, exceptional dining, and access to outdoor adventures in a breathtaking natural setting.

In the heart of southern Alberta, Canada, nestled within the breathtaking Waterton Lakes National Park, lies the historic Prince of Wales Hotel. Built between 1926 and 1927, this iconic hotel stands as a testament to a bygone era of luxury and elegance, offering visitors an unparalleled experience with stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Perched atop a hill, the hotel overlooks the picturesque town of Waterton and the shimmering waters of Upper Waterton Lake, creating a captivating atmosphere that combines natural beauty with historic charm.

The Prince of Wales Hotel is steeped in history, having been constructed during the golden age of railway hotels in Canada. The hotel was named in honor of the then-Prince of Wales, Edward VIII, and was built by the Great Northern Railway to attract tourists traveling by train. Its design reflects the Swiss chalet style, popular in alpine resorts, which blends harmoniously with the rugged mountainous terrain of the Canadian Rockies. The hotel’s distinctive architecture, with its steeply pitched roofs, gabled dormers, and expansive windows, evokes a sense of grandeur and nostalgia.

Over the decades, the Prince of Wales Hotel has retained its historic charm while adapting to modern comforts, making it a beloved destination for travelers seeking both adventure and relaxation in a unique setting.

The atmosphere: The atmosphere at the Prince of Wales Hotel is a blend of historic elegance and serene natural beauty, offering guests a timeless and tranquil retreat.

Location: Alberta-5, Waterton Park, AB T0K 2M0, Canada – View on Google Maps

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Location and Views

The hotel’s location is nothing short of spectacular. Positioned on a bluff overlooking Upper Waterton Lake, it provides guests with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. The vistas from the hotel are particularly enchanting at sunrise and sunset, when the play of light on the water and peaks creates a mesmerizing spectacle. The vantage point also allows for excellent wildlife viewing, as the area is home to a diverse array of animals, including deer, bears, and a variety of bird species.

The proximity to Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the world’s first International Peace Park, enhances the hotel’s appeal. This unique designation underscores the importance of the region’s natural beauty and the commitment to preserving it for future generations.

View of Upper Waterton Lake from the lobby of the Prince of Wales Hotel. Photo courtesy of Pursuit Collection.


The Prince of Wales Hotel offers a range of accommodations that blend historic elegance with modern amenities. Each of the hotel’s 86 guest rooms is individually decorated, reflecting the hotel’s heritage and the surrounding natural environment. While the rooms maintain a sense of vintage charm, they are equipped with contemporary conveniences to ensure a comfortable stay.

Guests can choose from a variety of room types, including standard rooms, lakeview rooms, and suites. The lakeview rooms are particularly sought after, as they offer breathtaking views of Upper Waterton Lake and the mountains beyond. The suites provide additional space and luxury, making them ideal for special occasions or extended stays.

Dining Experience

Dining at the Prince of Wales Hotel is an experience in itself. The Royal Stewart Dining Room, the hotel’s main restaurant, offers a refined yet relaxed atmosphere with large windows that frame stunning views of the lake and mountains. The menu features a selection of dishes inspired by local and regional cuisine, with an emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Guests can start their day with a hearty breakfast, enjoy a leisurely lunch, or indulge in a gourmet dinner. The culinary team at the Royal Stewart Dining Room is dedicated to creating memorable dining experiences, whether through traditional favorites or innovative new dishes. The restaurant also boasts an extensive wine list, showcasing selections from some of the finest vineyards in Canada and around the world.

For a more casual dining option, the Windsor Lounge provides a cozy setting where guests can enjoy light bites, cocktails, and afternoon tea. The lounge’s inviting ambiance, complete with a fireplace and comfortable seating, makes it a perfect spot to unwind after a day of exploring the park.

Prince of Wales Hotel, Waterton Village, Waterton Lakes National Park.
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Activities and Amenities

The Prince of Wales Hotel is ideally situated for guests to take full advantage of the numerous recreational activities available in Waterton Lakes National Park. The park is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a wide range of activities such as hiking, boating, fishing, and wildlife viewing.

Hiking and Nature Walks: The park features an extensive network of trails that cater to all levels of hikers, from easy strolls to challenging alpine hikes. Popular trails include the Bear’s Hump, which offers panoramic views of the Waterton Valley, and the Crypt Lake Trail, known for its adventurous route and stunning scenery.

Boating and Fishing: Upper Waterton Lake is a prime location for boating and fishing. Guests can rent kayaks, canoes, or motorboats to explore the lake or join guided boat tours that provide insight into the area’s natural and cultural history. The lake’s clear waters are also home to a variety of fish species, making it a popular spot for anglers.

Wildlife Viewing: Waterton Lakes National Park is renowned for its rich biodiversity. Guests have the opportunity to see a wide range of wildlife, including bears, bighorn sheep, elk, and numerous bird species. The hotel’s elevated location provides an excellent vantage point for spotting wildlife in their natural habitat.

Cultural and Historical Programs: The hotel and park offer a variety of programs and events that highlight the cultural and historical significance of the region. Guests can participate in guided tours, attend lectures, and enjoy live music performances that celebrate the heritage of the area.

Amenities: In addition to its prime location and outdoor activities, the Prince of Wales Hotel offers a range of amenities to enhance the guest experience. These include a gift shop featuring local crafts and souvenirs, complimentary Wi-Fi in public areas, and a knowledgeable concierge service to assist with planning activities and excursions.

Atmosphere and Guest Experience

One of the most captivating aspects of the Prince of Wales Hotel is its timeless atmosphere. The hotel’s historic architecture, combined with its stunning natural setting, creates an ambiance that is both enchanting and relaxing. Guests often describe their stay as stepping back in time while still enjoying modern comforts.

The staff at the Prince of Wales Hotel are dedicated to providing exceptional service, ensuring that each guest feels welcome and well cared for. From the warm greeting at check-in to the personalized attention throughout the stay, the hotel’s commitment to hospitality is evident in every interaction.

Whether enjoying a quiet moment on the veranda, savoring a delicious meal in the dining room, or embarking on an outdoor adventure, guests at the Prince of Wales Hotel are treated to an experience that is both memorable and unique.

Prince of Wales Hotel. Photo: Torval Mork /


The Prince of Wales Hotel at Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park is more than just a place to stay; it is a destination that offers a perfect blend of history, luxury, and natural beauty. Its stunning location, elegant accommodations, exceptional dining, and wide range of activities make it an ideal choice for travelers seeking an unforgettable experience in one of Canada’s most picturesque settings.

As the hotel continues to welcome guests from around the world, it remains a cherished landmark that embodies the spirit of exploration, relaxation, and timeless charm. Whether visiting for the first time or returning for another stay, guests at the Prince of Wales Hotel are sure to be captivated by its unique allure and enduring legacy.