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Sendero’s Spring 2024 Collection is Here with Fresh Designs and Western Vibes

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Sendero Provisions Company embodies love for the West. Inspired by its landscapes, cultures, history, and wildlife, they started with a hat capturing Big Bend views. Now offering diverse products, their passion for perfection continues from that first creation.

Sendero Provisions Co. is more than just a lifestyle apparel brand; it’s a manifestation of their love for the West. They find inspiration and joy in its diverse landscapes, cultures, history, geology, flora, and fauna. The brand’s initial creation, a hat that perfectly captured the essence of wild West Texas views in Big Bend country, sparked their passion for creating something special. Through trial and error, they have expanded to offer a variety of products, but that feeling of creating their very first hat continues to drive them to push boundaries and always strive for perfection.

Inspired by “serape” patterns, this work shirt features a vintage Western stripe. Photo: Sendero Provisions Co.

Sendero lives by a straightforward set of principles: a firm handshake, a dedicated work ethic, serene rivers, accessible public land, vibrant music, art for the sake of art, classic Western literature, and indulging in craft beverages and Texas BBQ. You might not initially see the connection to apparel, but Sendero disagrees.

They firmly believe that these values are essential in creating quality clothing. That’s why they chose to establish themselves in Waco, Texas. “We’re not all Texans here at Sendero, but “Texas” is more a state of mind than a birthright,” according to Sendero.

A western-style dress with contrast piping, arrow patches, and a floral print inspired by the Dahlia flower. Photo: Sendero Provisions Co.

Sendero has been in the business for quite some time now. Their first product was created back in 2014 and they have continuously strived to improve their offerings ever since. Each Sendero product is meticulously crafted with attention to every detail. They carefully choose each fabric, trim, thread, and color that goes into their products. Unlike other companies, Sendero doesn’t use pre-made templates; instead, they have developed their own distinctive style and fits that are now known and expected by their customers.

Calling all cowboys and cowgirls! Sendero’s Spring 2024 Collection is here with fresh designs and western vibes. Here’s a highly curated view of our favorites – YEEHAW!

SENDERO Serape Pearl Snap Short Sleeve - Sedona Red
Price: $75
SENDERO La Dahlia Dress
Price: $168
SENDERO Serape Pearl Snap Short Sleeve - Spring Sage
Price: $75
SENDERO Serape Pearl Snap Short Sleeve - Obsidian
Price: $75
SENDERO The Annie Pearl Snap Shirtdress
Price: $148
SENDERO Cantina Terry Polo - Red/Blue Southwest
Price: $75
SENDERO Cantina Polo - Sky Grande
Price: $75
SENDERO The Dolly Jumpsuit
Price: $165
SENDERO Cantina Terry Polo - Gray/Tan Southwest
Price: $75
SENDERO City Slicker Short Sleeve - Muertos
Price: $75
SENDERO City Slicker Short Sleeve - Postcard
Price: $75
SENDERO City Slicker Short Sleeve - Sky Grande
Price: 475
SENDERO Point Bar Boardshorts - Muertos
Price: $69
SENDERO Point Bar Boardshorts - Postcard
Price: $69
SENDERO Point Bar Boardshorts - Bluestone
Price: $69
Price: $32
SENDERO Presidio Hat
Price: $32
SENDERO Big Horn Hat
Price: $36
SENDERO Still Pickin' T-Shirt
Price: $34
SENDERO Arenoso T-Shirt
Price: $34
SENDERO Reach For The Sky T-Shirt
Price: #34


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