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Review: Glerups Felt Slippers Take Comfort Everywhere

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Stepping out of a warm bed onto icy floors is always jarring. But we’ve found the coziest slippers to fight off the chill for good. Glerups has redefined what a slipper can be, ditching the excessive fluff and loud designs for true comfort and warmth.

At A Glance


  • Slip-on design makes for quick and easy on-off
  • A felted blend of silk and wool, SilkFit is soft, durable and breathable material that will stay fresh if you simply air your slippers out and allow them to rest
  • New Zealand crossbreed merino/Gotland wool blend
  • Double felt underfoot molds and anatomical lasts deliver softness and comfort
  • Natural calfskin outsoles are flexible, lightweight and slip-resistant; the natural rubber sole offers traction when venturing out to grab mail

Con: The leather outsoles may be slippery on wet or icy surfaces such as tile.

Rating: 8/10

Emerging from the toasty cocoon of a warm bed and placing your feet on icy cold floors can be a shocking experience, enough to make you utter some choice words. But fear not, we have discovered the coziest slippers to battle against freezing floors once and for all.

Photo: Glerups

Glerups has completely changed my perception of what a slipper should be, or even what it can be. While slippers are meant to provide comfort and warmth, many take it to the extreme with over-the-top booties covered in excessive fluff or oversized foam slides adorned with loud plaid designs.

Instead of the impractical, Glerups provides a more practical and cozier alternative. These slippers may seem too casual for everyday wear to some, but they are actually a practical and comfortable choice. They are perfect for taking it easy and recuperating before, after, or during a hike, trail run, or mountain bike ride with their natural rubber soles. And on those days when you just want to relax around the house, they provide the perfect level of comfort.

The design and fit of these slippers are superb, but their real brilliance lies in the material used for the upper part. Wool is an excellent material for making footwear due to its natural ability to resist dirt and odors. The fleece of sheep contains lanolin, an oil that helps felted wool repel spills and stains.

Felt boot of 100% pure natural wool in the classic color cranberry with a sole of natural rubber. Photo: Glerups

I wear my blue pair every morning as I clumsily prepare coffee and take my dogs outside, but they still look clean without any visible marks. If I do happen to spill something on them, a damp cloth or running them under water usually does the trick in removing it. For tougher stains, the company suggests using mild soap or vacuuming out dust.

Most slippers are made with multiple seams and glued-in insoles. However, Glerups slippers are crafted from a single piece of felt, reducing the chance for rips or wear. The wool insole is also felted into the shoe, ensuring that it stays securely in place. As time goes on, the calfskin soles may become shiny, but this only adds to their durability.

You have the opportunity to choose between three styles: an open heel, a shoe, and a boot, as well as natural rubber or calfskin soles and a mostly wearable color range made of beautiful Scandinavian and natural colors, such as grays, greens, blues and an attractive shade of cranberry. To mark its 30th year, Glerups has added three new colors to the lineup: white, sand, and a green reminiscent of kelp in the North Sea.

These slippers were made specifically for those who value comfort and relaxation. They offer the feeling of escaping from the chaotic pace of daily life and finding solace in a cozy cabin nestled in the woods. Crafted to keep your feet warm and snug, glerups slippers can withstand even the harshest winter temperatures or the coldest hardwood floors. 

Felt boot of 100% pure natural wool in the classic color forest with a sole of natural rubber in black. Photo: Glerups

Consistently, Glerups utilizes their signature feature: felted wool, a superior material for regulating heat. This moisture-wicking substance is originally a blend of 100% natural wool sourced from Denmark and New Zealand. Through a process of layering, needle felting, steam, and compression, the material becomes odor-resistant and molds to your feet comfortably. The sole is then both glued and sewn onto the felted upper, providing durability for more than just indoor wear. These slippers can handle trips to the mailbox or even taking out the garbage in the street.

Glerups have a simple and practical design, with a handmade touch. Every element of these slippers serves a purpose, creating a sense of intentionality and grace. Though not delicate, their round shape gives them a subtle appearance that allows for wearing them outside without looking disheveled.

Glerup boot with a leather sole. Photo: Glerups

I chose a pair of Glerups slipper boots in blue, with the black natural rubber soles for warmth while taking my dogs outside in the morning. However, I rarely end up taking them off because the rubber sole offers excellent grip on any surface, whether it’s my kitchen floor or my favorite coffee shop. In my opinion, these are not just the best pair of slippers, but possibly the best shoes overall.

Shop Now!

GLERUPS Shoe with Leather Sole
Felt shoe of 100% pure natural wool in grey with a sole of soft calfskin. The shape of the shoe follows the contours of the foot, ensuring the shoe stays on.
Price: $105
GLERUPS Slip-On with Natural Rubber Sole
New Sand-colored felt slippers made of 100% natural wool with a flexible, rubber sole. They keep feet warm and dry by absorbing moisture.
Price: $135
GLERUPS Boot with Natural Rubber Sole
These felt boots are 100% natural wool in classic forest green with a rubber sole. They keep feet warm and dry, thanks to the moisture-absorbing properties of wool.
Price: $155

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