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How To Get Your Snowboard Fix Year Round

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It’s the middle of summer and there’s no snow to be seen. But we’re glass half full people here, and we’ve got an activity that will feed your snowboarding fix all year round, no lift ticket required.

Longboarding and snowboarding share many similarities and actually, longboarding can make you a better snowboarder when you’re back on the mountain. We all know how intensely sore one can get after day 1 on the slopes, but longboarding can help avoid that by keeping your leg muscles activated and trained year round.

Longboarding also helps build muscle memory for the stance, carving and turning. You can keep your shredding abilities sharp because certain carving moves are performed in the same manner on the longboard. If you can make it to a skatepark, practicing on ramps gets you ready for the terrain parks and ski resorts. Learning how to catch air on wheels translates very easily to the snow. You can do slides on your longboard when it’s wet, this mimics the feeling on the slopes.

Boards That Ride Like A Snowboard

You can get all of these benefits at a very low cost, thanks to our friends at Magneto Boards. You want to make sure you have the right setup, with smooth wheels and a board and trucks that carve well.

Here are some of our best recommendations for boards that ride like a snowboard.

Magneto Bamboo Carver Longboard

The board features a drop-through truck design with high angle trucks for an incredibly tight turning radius.

The drop through design keeps this board closer to the ground and flexibility mimics the responsiveness of a snowboard. 

Magneto Hana Cruiser Longboard

Inspired by the dark sand beaches along the road to Hana in Maui, all of the decks of our Hana Collection are made with a beautiful laminated stained bamboo.

This board is also a drop through design and flexible, but it’s a little bit longer than the Carver for more room for your feet so you can play with stance width. 

Magneto Cruise Glider Longboard

If you like to go on long rides and want your board to coast and glide over the road the Cruise Glider is a great option for you.

These boards offer Magneto’s most unique ride. The thin wheels give the board a drifty, surfy type feel. This can definitely give you the feel of carving down the mountain. 

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