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Get Fit, Faster With An 80/20 Endurance Training Plan

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If you’re looking to sign up for a road race or triathlon to challenge yourself or just to have some fun but you don’t know where to begin with training, look no further than 80/20 Endurance. 80/20 Endurance is the world’s largest dedicated provider of training plans and solutions for runners and triathletes. The training methods are built on the optimal intensity balance and other empirical principles outlined in the co-founders’ best-selling books.

You’ll have trust and confidence in the training methodology based on the impressive resumes of co-founders Matt Fitzgerald and David Warden. Matt’s expertise as an endurance sports coach combined with his knowledge of athlete nutrition has allowed him great success in coaching but also as an author. David is also a well-known coach, having coached some of the most impressive endurance athletes in the world including: World Age Group Duathlon champions, World Record Triathlon holders, and multiple Ironman World Championship qualifiers. Personally, as an athlete, David’s resume includes 46 first place overall wins in the triathlon and duathlon, among many other impressive triathlon finishes worldwide.

80/20 Endurance offers subscription options to meet any athlete’s unique needs. 80/20 subscriptions are low-cost, remarkably flexible, and packed with benefits.

Now that you are familiar with the “who” is behind your next training program. Here’s why the 80/20 Endurance training programs have helped so many around the world, of all skill levels reach their goals and get fit. A simple breakdown of the science behind the company name, 80/20 Endurance. Matt and David share that 80% of the training should be done at low-intensity, while 20% is done at high-intensity – this science seems simple and it’s also applicable to all 80/20 Endurance users. 80/20 Endurance has training programs for elite athletes looking to compete on a world stage to an athlete new to an endurance sport looking for the right tools to start successfully and achieve goals. The success of 80/20 Endurance shows – to date over 67,000 plans have been sold! 

Depending on your time commitment, interest in achieving goals, and knowledge of endurance sports and training there are many various ways of interaction with the training programs and methodology that can be tailored to fit your needs and goals. Here’s how 80/20 Endurance works –

Those eager to learn more about endurance training in general can visit the website to access videos, podcast episodes, blogs, and forums dedicated to training.

For those dedicated to take the next step and have big goals to meet, there are a variety of training plans and subscriptions that will guide you in your training. 

Before detailing the levels of interaction, it’s of importance to note that 1% of the purchase price of 80/20 Endurance products are donated to the 80/20 Endurance Foundation to support Coaches of Color. The Coaches of Color initiatives mission is to provide meaningful support and opportunities for people of color aspiring to successful careers as endurance coaches.

Endurance sports are often considered lifetime sports given that those of all ages and at all stages of life can start endurance sports and endurance training. Given this ideal, 80/20 offers a Gold Subscription Plan to be used to train for several races per year. Each plan – either running or triathlon focused features a Level Guarantee which means if you chose the wrong level, you’re able to modify as needed.

If you’ve signed up for a fall race, whether it’s a holiday 5k or you’re challenging yourself with a fall marathon – there are training plans for all distances. Some programs are even specific to types of race training – i.e. running faster, high school cross country, running endurance, or achieving your ideal race weight. The same event specificity is offered for triathlons. From Ironman training to 70.3, Olympic, and Sprint distances.  

Keeping the 80/20 balance in mind for each training program. Each race or triathlon distance is assigned 4 varying skill levels – Level 0 is typically designed for beginners and masters, Level 1 is for low volume and masters, level 2 is for advanced athletes, and level 3 is for elite athletes. As you’re deciding what training program is best suited for your goals and skill level, the website shares the duration of the program, average hours of training per week, and what a typical week of training might look like. Pricing on the programs is extremely reasonable for the content and support included, as mentioned, each program comes with the Level Guarantee – allowing you to modify your level up or down even after you’ve started the program.

Cofounders Matt and Dave are continuously learning about the most ideal training methods and that is why they have also expanded their training programs to strength and mobility support and maintenance plans. The strength and mobility plans can be supplemented to a race training program for best results. These supplemental plans plug perfectly into the specific level program the athlete has selected. For example, if you’re motivated to hit a new PR in your fall marathon, the marathon level 1 running plan and the marathon level 1 strength plan could be the perfect combination to help you achieve your goals! Maintenance plans are focused on helping athletes sustain fitness between races or between the start of a formal training plan.

Another supportive benefit of 80/20 Endurance is the opportunity to access TrainingPeaks. This interactive platform is designed to help athletes log, schedule, and analyze their training. Most training plans include a free 30-day extension of TrainingPeaks.

For those interested in the long-term commitment of endurance training, subscriptions are available. The most popular gold subscription is an approachably priced option that offers the premium access to TrainingPeaks, access to strength programs, a full workout library, and the 80/20 book. An 80/20 subscription is perfect for those looking to tackle more than one race or event a year.

So many of us often aspire for a new PR in the local 5k, accomplishing a full marathon, or conquering the challenge of a triathlon, but are intimidated at the thought of training or scared of training incorrectly. 80/20 Endurance can take away these fears and intimidation by offering science backed training programs from experts in endurance sports. Hundreds of athletes worldwide put their fears behind them and gave their trust to 80/20 Endurance plans and were able to achieve their goals!

80/20 Bundles offer savings of up to 25% when you combine your 80/20 training plan and a TrainingPeaks Premium subscription into a single purchase. You’ll enjoy all the plan benefits of an individual 80/20 Endurance plan, plus a TrainingPeaks Premium subscription that lasts for the plan’s duration. Only pay for what you need at a discount!

About 80/20 Endurance

80/20 Endurance is the creation of Matt Fitzgerald and David Warden. Based on the breakthrough books 80/20 Running and 80/20 Triathlon, runners, triathletes, and other endurance athletes improve the most when they consistently do 80 percent of their training at low intensity and the other 20 percent high intensity. The typical endurance athlete spends only 50-70 percent their total training time at low intensity. The solution? An 80/20 training plan that ensures the optimal intensity balance.

About TrainingPeaks

TrainingPeaks provides the complete web, mobile and desktop solution for enabling smart and effective endurance training. Our products include Athlete and Coach Edition, WKO+ desktop software for cutting-edge scientific analysis and planning, and the TrainingPeaks mobile apps for iOS and Android. TrainingPeaks solutions are used by Tour de France teams, IRONMAN® World Champions, Olympians, and age group athletes and coaches around the world to track, analyze and plan their training.

8020 Endurance Gold and Silver Subscriptions include:

  • A premium TrainingPeaks monthly subscription (Gold level only, a $20 monthly value)
  • The ability to apply any individual 80/20 Run, Triathlon, or premium strength plan to your TrainingPeaks calendar as needed*
  • Access to the complete 80/20 Structured Workout Library natively in TrainingPeaks
  • On signup, a free copy of either 80/20 Running or 80/20 Triathlon (or they’ll refund $10 from your first month’s subscription)
  • Freedom to cancel at any time.

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