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Daily Gear Digest: YETI’s New Soft Coolers, Buck Mason Celebrates Eddie Bauer’s Iconic Legacy

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Daily Gear Digest is our daily roundup of all the latest product announcements, drops and news from the Skyblue Gear Lab.

Each day, the Skyblue Gear Lab has new product releases and stories to tell. We gather them all together in our Daily Gear Digest, so you can stay informed of the latest gear news.

Today, YETI has expanded its soft cooler lineup with two new releases and updates to existing models. To honor the Eddie Bauer’s legacy, Buck Mason has brought back some of their most iconic designs from the past.

YETI Expands its Soft Cooler Lineup

YETI has extended its soft cooler collection with two new releases and improvements to current models. The M12 Soft Backpack Cooler ($275) and the M15 Soft Cooler ($300) are great for those who need a smaller, more convenient approach of transporting food and drinks. Perfect for day trips, the M12 fits 20 cans or 12 pounds of ice, as well as wine bottles. The M15 holds 32 cans or 15 pounds of ice and wine bottles too, with a wide mouth opening for simple access and reliable strength against punctures and UV rays.

YETI has made improvements to its M20 Soft Backpack Cooler ($325) and M30 Soft Cooler ($350) with the introduction of Magshield Access, a magnetic closure system that resolves safety issues from before. Thanks to quick-release buckles, all items remain securely in place.

M20 Soft Backpack Cooler. Photo: YETI.

These coolers are ideal for outdoor adventures like hikes, fishing, picnics, and road trips. The Hopper M15 Tote ($300) and Hopper M12 Backpack ($275) both come with wide magnetic mouths and strong shoulder straps. The M15 Tote also contains a kangaroo-style pouch pocket for smaller items, while the M12 Backpack fits in aircraft overhead compartments and is compliant with TSA standards.

Checkout YETI’s Soft Cooler Collection

Buck Mason and Eddie Bauer Collaborate to Revive Classic Designs

When Eddie Bauer first conceptualized the idea of a quilted down jacket, he used his own observations in cold climates to bring it to life. By patenting his quilt patterns, he became known for pioneering cold weather fashion and outfitting those who venture into the outdoors, from World War II airmen to Mount Everest climbers and everyday adventurers.

Following the end of World War II, outdoor recreation in the US started to gain traction. Eddie Bauer, the brand, spread its name across the nation for producing high-quality and warm attire. It played a role in shaping today’s booming outdoor clothing industry; one based on technicalware and experimentations. Bauer’s introduction of down-filled clothing was revolutionary for outdoors enthusiasts and ordinary citizens alike; completely altering our approach to dressing for cold weather.

Eddie Bauer’s revolutionary Skyliner jacket was the first down jacket ever made. The idea came to Bauer after he himself had a near-death experience out on a trail in 1935. He designed the jacket to be lightweight and breathable while also warm, with diamond-shaped quilting, knitted cuffs and neck, and a cotton shell. It quickly became popular with outdoorsmen, adventurers, and Alaskan bush pilots, and even today defines outdoor wear.

When you choose a down-filled coat or jacket today, its roots can be traced back to Eddie Bauer’s original Skyliner Jacket. To celebrate this legacy, Buck Mason has gone back into the archives of Eddie Bauer to revive some of these classic designs.

The Cascade Down Eddie Bauer ’40 Skyliner Jacket ($275) is a faithful reproduction of the first down jacket patented in the U.S., made in the popular bomber style with its iconic diamond-quilted pattern and a weatherproof outer shell.


The Eddie Bauer ’42 Flight Parka ($450) is inspired by the jacket designed for the US Army Air Corps in 1942. It was made to keep its wearer warm at temperatures as low as negative 70 degrees Fahrenheit and buoyant if they crashed over water, able to last up to 24 hours.

Based on a model he was already making for Alaskan bush pilots, the parka sports Eddie’s signature diamond quilting, evolved with a weather-resistant nylon/cotton shell and Responsible Down Standard (RDS) premium down insulation.


Shop the Buck Mason x Eddie Bauer Classic Collection

Skyblue Featured Video: YETI Presents | Malik

You can’t take great climbing photos from the ground. The hand reaching out to help Malik get up on the wall, and later out of South Memphis and into the mountains, was that of legendary alpinist Conrad Anker.

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