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Conquer the Outdoors: Camp Chef Everest 2X – Your Ultimate Adventure Stove!

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The Camp Chef Everest 2X Mountain Series is a lightweight, portable camping stove with two powerful 20,000 BTU burners, a spacious cooking area, matchless ignition, and wind protection, perfect for outdoor adventures.


For avid outdoorsmen and adventure seekers, having a reliable and efficient cooking system is essential. The Camp Chef Everest 2X Mountain Series ($190) system promises to deliver on this front with its sleek design, portability, and high performance. This review delves into the features, performance, and overall value of the Everest 2X, helping you decide if this is the right stove for your outdoor escapades.

Design and Build Quality

The Everest 2X boasts a modern and sleek design that immediately catches the eye. Weighing just over 12 pounds, it is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for car camping, overlanding, and other outdoor adventures where space and weight are considerations. The stove is constructed from robust materials, ensuring durability in various outdoor conditions.

The lid and side windscreen panels provide effective protection against the wind, ensuring stable and efficient cooking. The 215 square inches of cooking space are ample for preparing meals for small groups, making it a versatile option for different camping scenarios.

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The Everest 2X is equipped with two powerful 20,000 BTU burners, providing a combined 40,000 BTUs of cooking power. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who need to cook quickly or prepare meals that require high heat. The burners are designed to offer precise control, allowing for simmering and boiling with ease.

One of the standout features of the Everest 2X is its matchless ignition system. This electronic ignition ensures that you can start cooking with minimal effort, regardless of weather conditions. The burners heat up quickly, and the flame is easily adjustable, providing a range of cooking options from a gentle simmer to a rolling boil.

Cooking Experience

Cooking on the Everest 2X is a pleasure, thanks to its spacious cooking surface and efficient heat distribution. The stove can accommodate large pots and pans, making it easy to prepare elaborate meals even in the wilderness. The windscreen panels do an excellent job of shielding the flames from gusts of wind, which is a crucial feature when cooking outdoors.

The stove’s performance shines when tested with various cooking tasks. Boiling water for coffee or pasta is quick and efficient, taking only a few minutes. Simmering sauces and stews is equally straightforward, with the burners offering consistent and controllable heat.

Ease of Use and Portability

Setting up the Everest 2X is intuitive and straightforward. The fold-out legs and windscreen panels snap into place easily, and the propane connection is simple to attach. The stove’s lightweight design and integrated carry handle make it easy to transport from your vehicle to your campsite.

Cleaning the stove after use is also hassle-free. The stainless steel drip tray collects any spills or grease, and it can be removed and wiped clean with minimal effort. This ease of maintenance ensures that the stove remains in top condition for many adventures to come.

Value for Money

The Everest 2X offers excellent value for money, considering its high-performance features and durable construction. Priced competitively in the market, it stands out among other camping stoves for its powerful burners, large cooking area, and user-friendly design.

Pros and Cons


  1. High Heat Output: With two 20,000 BTU burners, the Everest 2X provides ample power for all your cooking needs.
  2. Spacious Cooking Area: The 215 square inches of cook space allows for cooking multiple dishes simultaneously.
  3. Matchless Ignition: The electronic ignition system ensures quick and easy start-up.
  4. Wind Protection: The windscreen panels effectively shield the burners from wind, maintaining consistent flame.
  5. Portability: Lightweight design and integrated carry handle make it easy to transport.


  1. Fuel Consumption: The high BTU output can lead to faster propane consumption, requiring more fuel on longer trips.
  2. Size: While spacious, the stove might be too large for solo travelers or those with limited packing space.


The Camp Chef Everest 2X Mountain Series system is an outstanding choice for anyone serious about their outdoor cooking. Its combination of powerful burners, large cooking area, and user-friendly features make it a top contender in the camping stove market. Whether you are boiling water, simmering a delicate sauce, or cooking a full meal, the Everest 2X delivers consistent and reliable performance.

For those who prioritize convenience, efficiency, and durability in their outdoor gear, the Everest 2X is an investment worth making.  So, gear up and conquer your Everest with this exceptional camping stove by your side.

For more information and to purchase the Camp Chef Everest 2X Mountain Series, visit the Camp Chef website.

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