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Chill Adventures Await with Dometic’s New CFX2 Electric Coolers!

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Dometic’s new CFX2 coolers are durable, efficient, and perfectly sized for overlanding. With advanced temperature control, power efficiency, and user-friendly features, these affordable coolers ensure your food and drinks stay cold on any adventure.

As the summer camping season heats up, Dometic has launched the latest iteration of its electric coolers, the CFX2 series. Designed with overlanders in mind, these new coolers are packed with features that make them an ideal choice for anyone looking to keep their food and drinks cold while on the go.

Durable and Practical Design

The Dometic CFX2 coolers are built to withstand the rigors of overlanding. The exterior is constructed from tough polypropylene, with non-slip tops, reinforced corners, and robust foldaway handles. These design features ensure that the coolers can handle the rough and tumble of off-road adventures without skipping a beat.

One of the key improvements in the CFX2 series is the optimized dimensions. Compared to the previous CFX3 models, the CFX2 coolers have slightly reduced width and depth, but increased height. This change makes it easier to fit the coolers into various overland rigs, where length and width are often limiting factors. Height, on the other hand, is less of a concern, making the CFX2’s dimensions more versatile for different setups.

Photo: Dometic

Efficient Cooling and Smart Storage

One practical aspect of the CFX2 design is the way cold air settles at the bottom. This means that when you open the fridge, the items at the bottom remain cooler for longer periods. For optimal packing, it is recommended to place meats and other items that need to stay extremely cold at the bottom, with drinks and less temperature-sensitive items on top.

The CFX2 coolers come in four different sizes, catering to various needs and capacities:

  • 28-liter: Holds up to 36 cans
  • 37-liter: Holds up to 48 cans
  • 45-liter: Holds up to 60 cans
  • 57-liter: Holds up to 84 cans

These sizes offer flexibility whether you’re packing for a short weekend trip or a long expedition. The specific dimensions for each size are as follows:

  • 28L: Depth 13.58″ x Height 16.81″ x Width 23.62″
  • 37L: Depth 15.79″ x Height 16.85″ x Width 26.69″
  • 45L: Depth 15.79″ x Height 19.41″ x Width 26.69″
  • 57L: Depth 18.03″ x Height 19.8″ x Width 27.91″

Advanced Temperature Control and Power Efficiency

The CFX2 series boasts an impressive temperature range from 60 degrees Fahrenheit down to an icy -7 degrees Fahrenheit (-22 degrees Celsius). This wide range ensures that you can keep everything from fresh produce to frozen goods at the perfect temperature. Monitoring and adjusting the temperature is easy with Dometic’s app or the clear panel display on the cooler itself.

One of the standout features of the CFX2 coolers is their power efficiency. They consume less power than a standard 60-watt light bulb and are compatible with both 12/24V DC and 100-240V AC power sources. This means you can run the CFX2 from your vehicle’s 12-volt charger, a solar panel, or an external battery. Additionally, each fridge comes with three-stage battery protection, ensuring worry-free operation whether it’s plugged directly into your vehicle or paired with a separate battery system.

User-Friendly Features

Dometic has included several user-friendly features in the CFX2 series to enhance your camping experience. Each cooler comes with a removable wire basket, making it easy to organize your items. An internal LED light is also included, making it easy to find what you need during late-night snack hunts.

The new CFX2 coolers are available in an attractive Ocean Blue color, adding a fresh look to their rugged functionality. This aesthetic update complements the practical enhancements, making the CFX2 series a stylish and reliable addition to any overland setup.

Control and monitor from a distance with Dometic’s Mobile Cooling App. Photo: Dometic

Affordable Pricing

Despite the improvements and new features, Dometic has managed to keep the CFX2 coolers affordable. The pricing for each size is as follows:

  • 28L: $600
  • 37L: $700
  • 45L: $800
  • 57L: $900

This competitive pricing makes the CFX2 series a great investment for overlanders and campers looking for high-quality, reliable refrigeration without breaking the bank.


With the release of the CFX2 series, Dometic has once again demonstrated its commitment to providing innovative, durable, and practical solutions for outdoor enthusiasts. The new coolers are designed to meet the specific needs of overlanders, with dimensions that fit a variety of rigs, advanced temperature control, power efficiency, and user-friendly features.

Whether you’re planning a quick weekend getaway or a lengthy expedition, the Dometic CFX2 coolers offer the performance and reliability you need to keep your food and drinks cold in any environment. With their attractive pricing and robust design, these coolers are set to become a staple in the gear of overlanders and campers everywhere.

For more information and to purchase, visit Dometic’s official website.

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