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Namuk’s Sustainable Outdoor Clothing for Kids

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About 2 years ago, namuk, a Swiss-based premium sustainable outdoor brand for kids, announced their expansion into the North American market with an office in Bend, Oregon. The brand has experienced strong growth since its inception in 2016 and this expanded presence is allowing them to continue developing innovative products that combine style with functionality while remaining sustainable.

“Today I’m an airplane! Come fly with me.” Photo by namuk.

Backed by their belief that kids need clothes that allow them to experience nature with all of their senses no matter the weather, namuk provides apparel that is durable and allows kids to enjoy the wilderness. namuk clothing and gear are designed exclusively for kids ages zero to 12.

Eon backpack 14L in Sunset Rose. Photo by namuk.

namuk is the premier outdoor clothing brand in Switzerland specializing in children’s clothing made from recycled and upcycled materials. The result is high-quality clothing built to last and be passed on for multiple generations. Products are tested by kids and continually improved based on kids’ feedback to deliver sensible and fun outfits.

One ultralight rain jacket in Wasabi. Photo by namuk.

We’ve developed this new kid’s guide to help you find the perfect outdoor clothing for autumn temperatures.

Honu Merino half-zip longsleeve

Honu Merino half-zip longsleeve “Rascal” in true blue. Photo by namuk.

For the “I-don’t-want-to-wear-a-scarf!” kids When Grandad, from the heart of the Swiss Alps, talks about “Gnägi,” he means exactly this shirt: high-cut, long sleeved, with a collar and a short zipper in front. But unlike Grandad’s shirt, namuk’s Honu is made from the finest, mulesing-free Merino wool, so it performs not only for romps in the woods but all kinds of adventures.

Available in 2 colorways, including True Blue (shown above) and Sunset Rose.

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Glow reversible PrimaLoft jacket

Glow reversible PrimaLoft jacket “Underground” in Gold / True Navy. Photo by namuk.

Perfect for all seasons: namuk’s reversible jacket with two sides. The warming, fast-drying and compressible PrimaLoft® jacket is ready for action any time of year. The PrimaLoft® Silver Eco padding is made from up to 60% recycled fibres and employs a patented microfibre structure to retain body heat and promote the conservation of energy. PrimaLoft® is compressible, breathable and highly water-repellent. What will make you love this jacket even more: It’s made for all seasons, is highly water-repellent, warms thanks to PrimaLoft® Eco padding, is reflective and comes equipped with YKK zippers.

Available in 6 colorways, including Gold / True Navy (“Underground”), Sunset Rose / Bluebalu, Bluebalu / Lime, True Navy / Bluebalu, Gemini / Sunset Rose (“Galaxy”), and Northern Lights / Almond.

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Avan bio-fleece jacket

Avan bio-fleece jacket “Livingwall” in True Navy / Wasabi. Photo by namuk.

The first eco-friendly fleece that can be washed with a good green conscience! The designer’s at namuk consider sustainability not only a duty, but an obligation; not a trend, but a new tradition. With the Avan fleece jacket, They’re taking a determined leap toward the future. The super comfortable jacket, which can be worn comfortably under a water-repellent layer, is made of BIO Primaloft fleece – an absolute first. The material is made of 100% PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) synthetic fibers and ultimately biodegrades back to its natural elements – not, of course, before keeping a couple generations of kids warm while playing hide-and-seek, building huts and flying kites – not to mention withstanding dozens of wash cycles without contributing to microplastic pollution like most fleece gear!

Available in 5 colorways, including True Navy / Wasabi (shown above), Mint Ice / Northern Lights, Teddy / Sunset Rose, True Navy / Bluebalu and Teddy / Blue Marin.

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Chip rain jacket

Chip rain jacket in in Mint Ice. Photo by namuk.

The all-year, all-weather Chip jacket is completely waterproof and provides reliable protection from wind and rain – even during unforeseen adventures and mud fights. The fully-sealed seams and the 100%-waterproof material turns the Chip outdoor jacket into the perfect companion for all activities in any season – as a rain jacket in the summer, or combined with our High-Loft fleece or a Primaloft jacket in the autumn and winter. Litin Overall Connection Zipper is already included.

Available in 4 colorways, including Mint Ice (shown above), Blue Marin with the “Nemphis” graphics, Sunset Rose and True Navy, both with the “Twine” graphics.

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Dan rain pants

Dan rain pants “Nemphis” in Mint Ice. Photo by namuk.

The Allrounder – Good things come to those who wait: Case in point, namuk’s perfect bib-style rain pants. Oh, how they researched and tinkered until they managed to solve the problem; namely, that waterproof pants are, well, waterproof. Too often, they leave kids wet not from the rain, but from their own sweat, which doesn’t get to evaporate. namuk now finally presents their first legwear for those days when the rain is pelting from all sides: Dan.

Available in 4 colorways, including Mint Ice (shown above), Chocolate, Blue Marin with the “Nemphis” graphics, and True Navy with the “Twine” graphics.

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Rush heavy twill pants

Rush heavy twill pants in True Navy. Photo by namuk.

If clothes could tell tales, namuk’s new trousers model Rush would probably be a bestselling author. Because they stand for what children and parents have always secretly wanted: chic trousers in a classic chino cut that can be worn just as well for an aunt’s birthday as to climb a cherry tree. The fabric is robust, soft and stretchy, and its dirt- and water-repellent Eco coating easily forgives even a mid-sized mishap.

Available in 3 colorways, including True Navy (shown above), Northern Lights and Olive.

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Icon reversible PrimaLoft vest

Icon reversible PrimaLoft vest in True Navy / Bluebalu “Galaxy.” Photo by namuk.

This jaunty vest, which can be so wonderfully combined with all kinds of clothing and easily slipped over a T-shirt, sweater or jacket, has a twin. An opposite number. A best buddy. And that partner is hiding very close by: one shake, and the PrimaLoft vest turns its insides out and reveals its second identity. When reversed, large pockets are available to collect and store all kinds of things. Turned inside out again, all the treasures disappear from prying eyes. With a small cord and an integrated secret compartment, even the smallest and most valuable objects stay in their place. No matter which side you wear it on: The vest’s soft and recycled Primaloft insulation keeps the body comfortably warm, while the reflective threads, woven in 360° throughout the vest, ensure visibility from every side. Here, less is more means: two vests in one.

Available in 3 colorways, including True Navy / Bluebalu (shown above), Gemini / Sunset Rose, both with with “Galaxy” graphics and Gold / True Navy with “Underground” graphics.

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One ultralight rain jacket

One ultralight rain jacket in Lime. Photo by namuk.

Puddles, streams, downpours: For some of us a horror, but for most children akin to a party. The only thing is, even the most adventurous child doesn’t want to run around drenched all day. namuk’s new Ultralight Jacket One protects against gloomy spirits and colds. It combines maximum waterproof ratings with minimum weight.

Available in 3 colorways, including Lime (shown above), Wasabi (also shown above), and Purple Blue.

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Eon backpack 14L

Eon backpack 14L in Black. Photo by namuk.

A mountaineer is only as good as his provisions and a researcher only as good as her equipment. With namuk’s new Eon backpack, the supplies and tools of namuk’s little big expedition leaders are guaranteed to stay dry – come what may. But the Eon is not only completely waterproof: it is also practically indestructible: They use textile fibers that are up to 15 times stronger than steel. This makes it a loyal companion, whether for day trips, days of hiking from mountain hut to hut, or the urban jungle.

Available in 4 colorways, including Black (shown above), Sunset Rose (also shown above), Bluebalu, and Chocolate

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Tremor MIPS bike helmet

Tremor MIPS bike helmet in Northern Lights / Lime. Photo by namuk.

When every curb becomes a jump and every mud puddle calls for a slide, the Tremor™ MIPS® in their namuk design is the helmet to make the wide grin last. Featuring some of the best technologies from Giro’s adult collection, such as In-Mold™ construction for lightweight and increased durability, and the proven Roc Loc® Sport MIPS® adjustment system. MIPS® technology provides additional protection from rotational forces that can occur during a side impact, offering junior riders state-of-the-art head protection.

Available in 2 colorways, including Northern Lights / Lime (shown above) and Purple Blue / Sunset Rose.

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Size Guide: namuk’s outerwear is made for playing and running around, so it’s roomy enough for layers.  For more information see namuk’s Size Guide.

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About Namuk

namuk is the leading premium sustainable outdoor brand for children, zero to 12 years of age. As the first Swiss outdoor kids label, namuk prides itself on developing products surrounded by high mountains and deep forests to develop innovative products that are technical, functional and made to last with high-quality craftsmanship. From fleece made from recycled plastics to Primaloft Reversible Jackets, namuk’s products are for little “heavy users” who play outside in every type of weather. To learn more about namuk and to see its full winter and all-year product lineup, visit