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Boulder Bonanza: Must-Hit Festivals, Concerts, and Events for an Epic Summer and Fall!

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Discover the vibrant spirit of Boulder, Colorado, this summer and fall with our guide to must-hit festivals, concerts, and events. Experience unforgettable moments and immerse yourself in Boulder’s rich cultural and outdoor offerings.

Nestled against the backdrop of the stunning Flatirons, Boulder, Colorado, is a city that buzzes with excitement and charm year-round. As the summer sun warms the picturesque landscapes and the crisp fall air heralds the arrival of vibrant foliage, Boulder transforms into a haven of outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, and community celebrations. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, the summer and fall seasons in Boulder promise an array of unforgettable experiences.

From the eclectic streets of Pearl Street Mall to the serene trails of Chautauqua Park, Boulder is brimming with activities that cater to all interests. The city’s rich cultural scene comes alive with a variety of festivals, concerts, and events that showcase local talent, celebrate diversity, and foster a sense of community. This guide will take you through the most exciting things to do in Boulder this summer and fall, providing a month-by-month breakdown of must-hit happenings.

Imagine savoring the finest craft beers at a lively festival, witnessing Shakespearean drama under the stars, or exploring open studios filled with artistic wonders. Picture yourself celebrating Independence Day with a spectacular fireworks display, or joining a whimsical Halloween parade with your family. Whether you’re drawn to the arts, music, food, or outdoor adventures, Boulder has something special to offer.

So, grab your calendar and start planning your visit to Boulder. With so many events and activities lined up, your summer and fall in this vibrant city are sure to be nothing short of epic!

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Boulder Creek Festival: Kicking off the summer season, the Boulder Creek Festival is a beloved local tradition held on Memorial Day weekend. Spanning three days, this festival features live music, food vendors, craft booths, and family-friendly activities along the scenic Boulder Creek. With its diverse entertainment options, the festival is a perfect way to enjoy the start of summer in Boulder.


Colorado Shakespeare Festival: Running throughout the summer, the Colorado Shakespeare Festival is a must-see for theater enthusiasts. Held at the Mary Rippon Outdoor Theatre, the festival showcases classic Shakespearean plays performed by talented actors under the starry Boulder sky. This year’s lineup includes “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Macbeth,” offering a magical blend of drama and comedy.

Boulder Jewish Festival: This vibrant event celebrates Jewish culture with live music, dance performances, a curated art and craft fair, and delicious kosher food. Held at the Boulder County Courthouse Lawn and Pearl Street Mall, it’s a fantastic way to experience and appreciate Jewish traditions and community in a lively, inclusive atmosphere.


Fourth of July Spectacular: Celebrate Independence Day with Boulder’s Fourth of July Spectacular at Folsom Field. The event features live music, a thrilling fireworks display, and a patriotic atmosphere that brings the community together. Arrive early to enjoy family-friendly activities and food vendors before the main event.

Pearl Street Arts Fest: Pearl Street Arts Fest transforms downtown Boulder into an open-air gallery, showcasing works from over 100 artists. From paintings and sculptures to jewelry and photography, the festival offers a diverse array of art. Stroll along the iconic Pearl Street Mall, enjoy live music, and discover unique pieces to take home.

Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall.


Boulder International Fringe Festival: For fans of avant-garde and experimental art, the Boulder International Fringe Festival is a highlight of the summer. This multi-day event features performances in theater, dance, music, and visual arts, taking place at various venues throughout the city. The festival celebrates creativity and innovation, making it a must-see for art lovers.

Boulder County Fair: As the longest-running county fair in Colorado, it offers a classic fair experience with a modern twist. Enjoy carnival rides, live music, rodeo events, and delicious fair food. The fair also features livestock shows, craft exhibitions, and family-friendly activities, making it a perfect end-of-summer celebration for all ages. Held at the Boulder County Fairgrounds, this event is a beloved tradition that showcases the agricultural heritage and vibrant community spirit of the area.


Boulder Fall Fest: As summer transitions to fall, the Boulder Fall Fest offers a perfect way to enjoy the changing season. Held on Pearl Street, the festival features live music, a beer garden, local artisans, and a children’s carnival. It’s a family-friendly event that captures the spirit of autumn in Boulder.

Open Studios Fall Artist Tour: Every September, the Open Studios Fall Artist Tour provides a unique opportunity to explore Boulder’s vibrant art scene. The self-guided tour allows you to visit the studios of local artists, see their work up close, and learn about their creative processes. It’s an intimate and inspiring experience for art enthusiasts.


Munchkin Masquerade: Halloween in Boulder is a magical time, especially during the Munchkin Masquerade. This beloved event invites families to dress up and trick-or-treat along Pearl Street Mall. Local businesses participate by handing out treats, and the entire area is transformed into a festive and safe environment for children to enjoy Halloween.


Switch on the Holidays: Start December with a festive celebration at Switch on the Holidays. Held on Pearl Street Mall, this event features the lighting of the holiday lights, live music, and visits with Santa Claus. It’s a heartwarming community event that brings the joy of the holiday season to life in Boulder.


Boulder, Colorado, truly shines in the summer and fall, offering an eclectic mix of festivals, concerts, and events that capture the essence of this vibrant city. From the creativity and innovation showcased at the Boulder International Fringe Festival to the community spirit at the Fourth of July Spectacular, each event highlights what makes Boulder special. Whether you’re sampling local craft beers, exploring open artist studios, or enjoying the festive holiday lights, there’s always something to look forward to.

The city’s dynamic cultural scene, set against its breathtaking natural backdrop, ensures that every moment spent in Boulder is filled with excitement and wonder. As you immerse yourself in these events, you’ll not only create lasting memories but also connect with the heart and soul of this unique community. Boulder’s blend of outdoor beauty and cultural richness offers endless opportunities for adventure and enjoyment, making it the perfect destination for your summer and fall escapades.

So, whether you’re a local resident eager to rediscover your city or a visitor ready to explore all that Boulder has to offer, this guide will help you make the most of the season. Get ready for an epic journey through the heart of Boulder, where every festival, concert, and event is a celebration of life, creativity, and community. Embrace the spirit of Boulder and let the adventures begin!

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