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Beringia: Design and Innovation For Functional Adventure Gear

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Beringia is a development-driven brand that combines design, innovation, and fabric engineering to create functional outdoor apparel. They use exclusive fabrics like regenerative wool sourced from Japan’s Bishu region and draw inspiration from the Arctic and its history of spiritual connection to nature.

Not familiar with Beringia? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The brand that is commonly seen in the powdery mountains of Japan is now making its way to the United States with a new office in Bozeman, Montana. Drawing inspiration from the brave pioneers who first journeyed across the Bering Strait from Siberia to Alaska, this brand aims to push boundaries in both technical and design elements.

Beringia is a development-driven brand that draws equally from design ideation, technical innovation, and advanced fiber and fabric engineering. They aim to create beautiful, functional technical apparel that helps you explore the outdoors in the most direct and unmediated fashion. With distinctive designs and global mountain expertise, they offer the highest-test quality in every garment.

Beringia’s St. Elias jacket uses Täsmä fabric for optimal protection, breathability, and comfort during active winter sports.

Beringia is known for their exclusive fabric developments, such as their partnership with luxury wool makers from the famed Bishu region of central Japan. This collaboration brings environmental breakthroughs in wool processing, including the first use of Japanese ‘Regenerative Wool’ made from reclaimed wool clothing.

The brand’s products are built to withstand the conditions of an Arctic region where binaries dissolve: night and day, past and future, fire and ice merge in a timeless, elemental drama of the North. The First People who originally crossed the Bering Strait from Siberia to Alaska, from Asia to America, channeled humankind’s spiritual connection to the Outside by means of ritual practices.

In summary, Beringia is a unique and innovative clothing brand that combines technical expertise, sustainability, and a deep connection to the history and spirit of the outdoors.

BERINGIA Men's St. Elias Jacket - HA Orange
Beringia's flagship jacket for winter sports. Täsmä-ESP membrane adjusts to weather. Waterproof, breathable, and stretchy (15,000mm/24hr). Blocks 99.9% air, allows 0.1% inflow. YKK zippers, helmet compatible. Cohaesive eyelet and stopper for quick adjustments.
Price: $675
BERINGIA Men's St. Elias Bib - HA Orange
Beringia's St. Elias bib is designed for avid mountain riders, featuring waterproof and breathable Täsmä fabric. With a roomy yet fitted design, it keeps you dry and comfortable through long days in the snow.
Price: $675
BERINGIA Bering Down Jacket - HAV Orange
The Bering Down Jacket is the perfect blend of high alpine functionality and elevated design. It is lightweight, highly mobile, and embodies Beringia's ethos of mindful insulation.
Price: $700
BERINGIA Altai Over Hoody - HA Orange
Beringia's Altai Over Hoody is a lightweight and durable jacket, perfect for quick changes in weather. The 12D Nylon shell can withstand many pack/unpack cycles and the jacket easily stuffs into its own hood for convenience.
Price: $500
BERINGIA Women's St. Elias Jacket - Gunmetal
Beringia's Women's St. Elias jacket, now redesigned in 2022, offers the perfect balance of protection and breathability for high alpine mountain activities like skiing and climbing. Available in five colorways, it has been a top choice for Hokkaido's powder backcountry for years.
Price: $675
BERINGIA Men's Diomede Merino Wool Snorkel Hoody - Gray Heather
Beringia's DIOMEDE SNORKEL HOODY elevates the Diomede L/S Crew for intense winter activities. The fabric's stretch and comfort enable integration of a full-face balaclava for wind and snow protection, and the compressibility makes the hood easily stowable.
Price: $225
BERINGIA Men's Diomede Merino Wool Long Sleeve Crew - Gray Heather
Beringia's Diomede L/S Crew offers high performance and comfort with waffle fabric for cushioning. It has a 2:1 stretch ratio, patented collagen finish (no chlorine), and is machine washable for convenience when worn as a base layer.
Price: $175
BERINGIA Men's Diomede Bottoms - Grey Heather
Beringia's Diomede Bottoms boast ultra-stretchy waffle fabric for high performance and comfort. Tested in Japanese Alps' wet and snowy conditions for 2 years. Chlorine-free, machine washable collagen finish.
Price: $150
BERINGIA HAWL Bag - Frozen Dew
The Beringia HAWL Bag is a result of a multi-year collaboration with Swiss design house BMCO. It revolutionizes gear management and transport with precision detailing and industrial design.
Price: $150


Skyblue Featured Video: Beringia Avanto

Avanto is a hole in the ice. More than just a break or a gap, it opens a portal to another dimension where body and breath are put to the test. On the other side: self-overcoming and transcendence. Video by Myles Cameron

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