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Barebones’ Neelam Totes Have Every Shape To Fit Every Adventure

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Barebones’ Neelam collection has many styles that can accommodate any journey. Regardless of if you’re embarking on a weekend camping trip, going to the Farmers Market, or just taking a trip overseas, the variety of sizes and shapes available in the Neelum Bag line make it perfect for whatever activity you have planned. Endless options await you to fit your every expedition.

Neelum Tote Bag by Barebones. Photo by Barebones.


Just like fine leather, waxed canvas becomes more beautiful and comfortable with use, eventually developing a gorgeous patina. Waxed canvas is also extremely durable and easy to wipe down and maintain. If needed, it can quickly be re-waxed to extend the fabric’s life. Additionally, it is incredibly sturdy, easy to wipe down and clean, and a perfect animal-friendly alternative to leather.

Here’s a round-up of the full Neelum waxed canvas collection.

Neelum Tote Bag

Made with strong cotton straps and solid metal parts, the Neelum Tote is built to last for years to come. Photo by Barebones.

This large waxed canvas tote is not only handsome and water-resistant, but also highly versatile. Perfect for taking to the farmers market, grocery store, or even organizing your car. The thick cotton straps and sturdy metal hardware make it a tote that will last you many years. This Neelum Oversized Market Tote matches the entire Neelum waxed canvas collection. Available in two sizes.

The Neelum Tote Bag goes perfectly with Barebones’ complete Neelum line. It works great as a grocery bag and is especially convenient for trips to the farmers market. Tough straps offer multiple ways of carrying it around. Made of 12 oz waxed canvas, it is both resilient and resistant to water. The color of it will develop over time to create a beautiful patina. Its simple, yet enduring design is ideal for everyday use.

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Neelum Firewood Carrier Tote

Neelum Firewood Tote. Photo by Barebones.

The Neelum Firewood Carrier Tote is an ideal companion for carrying things around. This spacious waxed canvas bag is not only good-looking but also water-resistant. Use it to transport logs, camping gear, groceries, and more. The strong cotton straps and robust metal hardware make sure this bag will last a long time. The Neelum Firewood Carrier Tote is part of the Neelum collection from Barebones.

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Neelum Duffel Bag

The Neelum Duffel is ideal for weekend adventures from road trips to hotel stays to camp. Photo by Barebones.

The Neelum Duffel is a reliable and practical travel bag, perfect for any occasion. Its full-grain leather handles and canvas webbing straps enable you to select between various carry modes. Its no-fuss, straightforward design allows you to quickly pack up and go. The Neelum Duffel is an ideal solution for any weekend get-away, regardless of whether it’s a road trip, a hotel stay or camping. This staple bag will last you a long time, and it coordinates perfectly with Barebones’ entire Neelum waxed canvas collection.

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Neelum Dopp Kit

The Neelum Dopp Kit was designed to go with the Neelum Duffel Bag, offering a stylish way to organize travel toiletries. Photo by Barebones.

The Neelum Dopp Kit is a great fit to pair with the Barebones Neelum Duffel Bag, as it keeps your travel toiletries neat and tidy. Made of malleable waxed canvas, it can fit up to 1.7 ounces of travel bottles and is secured with a secure zipper closure. This no-frills traditional organizer is the perfect way to take your toiletries on the go. The Neelum Firewood Dopp Kit goes perfectly with the rest of the Neelum waxed canvas collection.

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Neelum Zipper Pouch

This Neelum Zipper Pouch from Barebones is designed to help keep everyday items neat and orderly. Photo by Barebones.

The Neelum Zipper Pouch, part of Barebones’ Neelum waxed canvas collection, helps you stay organized in style. Whether it’s office supplies or personal items, the pouch prevents them from getting lost. The larger version has enough room to store and carry a 12-inch laptop and its accessories. It comes in two sizes.

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