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Put Your Soundtrack Into Your Ski Helmet With Wireless Audio

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  • Aleck 006 is the wireless audio and comms system that puts your soundtrack into your ski or snowboard helmet and keeps you connected to friends and family with easy, push-to-talk communication on custom channels.
  • The wireless audio and walkie-talkie headphones that keeps your group connected with easy, push-to-talk group comms and GPS friend-finder.

Skiing and snowboarding are all about the experience, take your season up a notch with the Aleck 006 Wireless Helmet Audio & Communications device. We’ve taken the liberty of doing a deep dive review to highlight the incredible features that the Aleck 006 offers to elevate your skiing or snowboarding adventure this winter!

If you haven’t heard of Aleck – aptly named after Alexander Bell, the father behind telecommunication – then you probably will very soon as they are quickly breaking into the ski and snowboard gear market with a bang! The team at Aleck had two goals in mind with their brand and products – keep outdoor adventurers connected while making their adventure more enjoyable. Aleck has proven to be successful in achieving this goal. Their innovative and award-winning products are making winter adventure sports more social, safe, and connected. With Aleck devices you will have premium quality and technology to give you the best user experience.

The Aleck 006 Wireless Helmet Audio & Communications device is Aleck’s first product and it’s meant for those who love being on the mountain, and this is because the concept for the Aleck 006 was born on a ski lift! After hard work and feedback, the Aleck 006 came to life. Now stocked at REI and the winner of prestigious gear awards here’s a review of why the Aleck 006 should be your next purchase as you prepare for ski and snowboard season!

“I was pretty excited when I saw the Smith x Aleck 006 wireless headset on their website. The idea that I could have a good wireless solution, outside of wired or wireless earbuds, with the added group comms capability is very appealing.” Ryan C.

Imagine it: warm hands, fresh pow, total audio and communication control, no wires in your jacket and no more fear of dropping your phone on a lift. Meet the Smith Aleck 006 Wireless helmet audio kit available at REI.

The Aleck 006 Wireless Helmet and Audio Communications device is impressive for many reasons. You will have the convenience of staying connected to your friends and family while enjoying your day on the mountain. Featuring high-fidelity, Bluetooth 5 enabled audio and military-grade encryption will allow your friends to easily located and communicate with you. The Aleck 006 not only will keep your group together and safe but keep the fun going with premium sound quality to pump your favorite songs during your ski or snowboard adventure. Push-to-talk communication within your helmet makes it easy to keep the group together or locating each other on those busy powder days. The Aleck 006 is water resistant so even the most-hard core skiers and riders won’t have to worry about the device glitching while exposed to rough elements. Don’t want to your hand to freeze while using the Aleck 006? No worries there, the device is glove friendly. Now, let’s take a deep dive into each feature!

The creators behind the Aleck 006 are skiers and riders themselves, so they used their own experiences to make the perfect device. They were tired of not having reliable cell coverage on the mountain, not being able to track their squad to make an après ski plan, and most importantly having to sacrifice listening to their favorite playlist because it’s hard to ski and ride with a group if you have headphones in. Taking all of these pain points into consideration is truly how each feature thoughtfully came to fruition.

Everyone has their favorite playlist to ski and ride too, that’s why the audio experience of the Aleck 006 needed to be premium quality. The two 40mm titanium drivers and the ability to fine tune your listening experience by customizing the treble, bass and midrange will complete your snow adventure with the best songs.

Many of us recall the days where walkie-talkies were used to keep the family or friend group in contact with one another. After walkie-talkies came cell phones, but even those aren’t as reliable on some mountains due to spotty coverage. The push-to-talk communication feature paired with the Aleck Go! GPS tracking will keep your whole squad together even on big storm days. The real-time GPS tracking gives specific mapping of your whole group. Have one friend who is always going rogue but seems to find the deepest power? Find them in an instant to get in on the powder experience!

Now that you’re convinced the Aleck 006 will be the upgrade your skiing or riding experience needs this season, don’t fret – the Aleck 006 is designed to universally fit any audio-ready snow helmet. A collaboration with Smith truly took the Aleck 006 to the next level. Marrying a premiere quality helmet brand with the Aleck 006 gives the best head protection, audio experience, and communications ability – all in one helmet! Don’t have a Smith helmet? The Aleck 006 is compatible with many other quality helmet brands. To name a few: Anon, Atomic, Giro, Marker, Oakley, Rossignol, Salomon, and Sweet Protection. Within each of those brands, the Aleck 006 is seamlessly compatible with multiple different helmet models.

Once you’ve secured your Aleck 006 for the snow season, be sure to also consider downloading the Aleck Go! app. To get the best user-experience from your Aleck 006, the Aleck Go! app unlocks full potential. You will have effortless communication abilities, precise GPS tracking, and a personalized audio experience. The GPS tracking has a feature called group mapping to put your friends and family into groups keeping everyone together and safe on the mountain. Need to share the après plan with the whole squad? Easy! With one-touch communication, you’ll be able to give the game plan to the whole group. Don’t want to share your secret powder stash? Not a problem, you can individually communicate with specific group members to keep the location exclusive.

Each of the features we’ve shared would make for a great device on their own but combined into one unique product – it’s a no brainer to order this now for the upcoming ski and snowboard season! Not convinced for some reason? Their customer reviews and awards should close the deal for you. Customer reviews on the website share a range of honest and insightful thoughts on the product. Many families have used the Aleck 006 – giving the parents the peace of mind that their kids are safe. Friend groups have shared reviews that the Aleck 006 kept their group together both on the mountain and for in time après! In 2021 the Aleck 006 won an ISPO award in the Snowsports Equipment category.

Ski and snowboard season is just around the corner, you’ve probably started to get your gear ready out of excitement to get back on the mountain. You’re carefully curating your playlist for those epic powder days and odds are your helmet is already outfitted and compatible with the Aleck 006. Now it’s time to treat yourself with adding the Aleck 006 to your ski season gear. You’ll thank yourself later once you have realized you are spending more time enjoying the snow with your friends than worrying about where they’re at on the mountain. You can purchase the Aleck 006 directly at or from REI.

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About Aleck

Aleck was formed for intrepid outdoor adventurers who like to stay connected. They’re an innovative, award winning audio and communications technology company with an aim to make adventure sport more social, safe and immersive by connecting us to the ones we love, while they are doing what they love.

Unlike traditional technology within this space, Aleck’s digital expertise helps deliver direct connectivity by combining extraordinary convenience with premium build quality, unrivalled audio capabilities and the very best of modern technology to enhance the overall user experience. Aleck’s technology connects them to the ones they love during those moments where lifelong memories are created.

Aleck® was named after Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone. 150 years later and building on Scotland’s history of innovations that changed the world, Aleck’s first product – The Aleck® 006™ – brings wireless audio and comms to your snow helmet, using high-fidelity, Bluetooth® 5 enabled audio and military-grade encryption -keeping you connected, wherever you are on the mountain. With the ability to locate and communicate with friends and family, the Aleck® 006™ dials up the entertainment factor of mountain adventures with improved safety and peace of mind.